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100 thousand + luxury turnover soared   – Real Estate – People’s Daily News (reporter Li Haixia) with the capital of the new house of luxury, previously did not want to think of the price can now sell well. Centaline Property Research Center statistics: as of the date of this year, Beijing’s top luxury turnover has set a record price over 100 thousand yuan mansion has 304 sets of transactions, is 5 times the same period in 2015. Most transacted is located in the Dongzhimen embassy chateau, the project is the financial record and the Nanchang municipal group jointly developed, consisting of 3 19 storey buildings, apartment layout area of 180 to 280 square meters, the average selling price of 120 thousand yuan this year, has a total turnover of 73 sets. Were 16072 column second in the bar ditch Cohim? Willow school, average turnover of 150 thousand yuan, this year sold 45 sets; third were outside the East Fourth Ring Road, oceanwide, average turnover of 110 thousand yuan this year, 44 sets of transactions. For this reason the top luxury outbreak, Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that the first is the influx of money under the asset shortage, lack of high-quality assets, and ample funds, financial assets of the real economy, many in the past have begun to switch to the core city real estate quality; followed by the overall market soared past Beijing ordinary residential transaction price is 20 thousand yuan this round of price, with the outbreak of ordinary residential transaction price has exceeded 30 thousand yuan, resulting in a large number of past price of about 80 thousand projects into the 100 thousand + ranks. Zhang Dawei introduction, because the last two years, the increase in the market value of the top luxury, these projects are not optimistic about the prospects for sales, according to the annual sales rate of 30 billion, about a year or so. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: