2017 national test application on the pro forma play trio the ingenious high education people super bass


2017 national test application on the pro forma: play "trio"   the ingenious high education people.com.cn 2017 national civil service exam is approaching, candidates should now be fully into the pro forma state, on the pro forma relatively difficult to master some skills, students, the public education experts to teach students play a good "Trio" Qiao score wins. A Quartet: Fun material for the king reading ability is a basic ability of civil service examination, is based on the answer. Of course, reading comprehension is not a simple understanding on the application of materials in the word, should do the three realms, namely: read the material, have the logical relation, clear material catch points and key materials. Read the material: first, read the material to understand the abstract meaning of the literal meaning, the two is to understand the abstract meaning of the material in the deep meaning of words. This is often investigated in examination direction, are very common in the comprehensive analysis, the article writing. Keep a piece of paper in your daily practice, and pay attention to the understanding of abstract words and sentences. To have clear logic: candidates in the reading materials are not used to grasp the material from the whole, not from a macro point of view, but it is vital for understanding on the application of materials, as long as the scattered materials in accordance with the logic relations inherent together to seize the core of the article, especially of great help on writing. Clear material logic can quickly clear writing ideas, breakthrough nothing difficult situation. Grasp the main points: first, grasp the answer to the information points, two is to grasp the proposition of people’s point of view. Learn to master the details on the application of materials from the place, reading materials should not only clarify the logic from the macroscopic materials, more attention to detail, because the theme on the application of materials is often implied in some theory and policy documents, and views of some leading experts in their life is the problem of people’s intentions of the speaker, so for their point of view be sure to carefully read. Two quartets: the clear meaning as the foundation of the Qing Shen test should be grasping the six key elements, can only twice, hit proposition intention. The first step, the Qing in the process of examination questions; in general, will be divided into five categories of questions, are summed up and put forward countermeasures and carry out comprehensive analysis and discussion of the second step shenfa; identify the answer object; summarizes the answer object generally have problems, causes, status, purpose, effect the concept, main content. The answers to the questions are put forward in the light of the problems, the countermeasures and the countermeasures. Generally speaking, the object of carrying out the questions is the goal of the work and the intention of the organization. Generally speaking, there is a general understanding of the relationship between views, phenomena, sentences and words. Third step, clear the scope of. The moderation process, clear the scope will reduce the difficulty of the answer, to find more accurate answer points. But the answer is divided into three different situations. The first case, the stem will give a clear answer, "according to the general, according to the given material, around 4," or a passage, then choose the answer points of this problem as long as the material in 4. Second cases, such as "given data 5" appear相关的主题文章: