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21 sexy belle on network about the strange man free travel according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 18th, the 21 year old Jessica from Brisbane, she is often on the Internet to find some strange male companion and himself go to travel around the world, and envy is, every time she will have to pay a cent, because these strange the male companion who will take the initiative to assume all the expenses for her. It is understood that recently Jessica has just gone to California with a strange male companion, and where to enjoy a two and a half weeks of free holidays. This do not have to dig a penny free holiday is really good looks incredible, but the 21 year old Jessica had this dream become a reality, it is understood, Jessica from Brisbane, now living in the United States, is a professional personal trainer. Jessica said he knew who want to travel together tourism male companion on a website, registered on the site of the girl, they do not need to comply with any additional terms, the only requirement is to spend time with a strange male companions you travel together. Jessica said on her website after registration, spent 24 hours to check all her personal information, check after the strange man has sent her to information about her to travel, but there are also some people will choose to talk to each other about. Recently, Jessica met a man on the Internet, they together went to California for vacation, where Jessica lived free luxury hotel, and enjoy free meals a day, at the same time, Jessica said, this strange man sometimes buy yourself some gifts. In the face of doubts of some friends, Jessica said, every time she and these strange men go out to travel, and they will sleep in separate rooms, and her relationship with these strange men are just ordinary friends. She reminds you that you need to make sure that you are safe before you choose your partner.相关的主题文章: