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48 year old Cai Guoqing with power: dry rub face + tiptoe against gravity lead: "Daddy where the 4" continued to hit, around a week waiting for Arale X and CP to develop vigorously Dong Department of food, also some people keep looking forward to the northeast of Anji and his father Song Joong Ki "love to kill. Xiaobian my attention focuses on the real old artist Cai Guoqing teacher! (source: PClady) 48 year old Cai Guoqing with power: dry rub face + tiptoe exercise against gravity from Cai Guoqing played a small series have the whole of Sparta: what is this! The 50 year old looks younger than me! Cai people said the teacher, keep age of muscle by freeze dry rub the face + tiptoe against gravity, so the 48 year old Cai Guoqing opened the mature uncle Yan value maintenance gate. In fact, the maintenance of both men and women, I hope all of you can seriously read this article, to learn the spirit of the old teacher refused to accept Cai Guoqing, do not rely on the growth of the age of laissez faire. This is 1991 Cai teacher’s 23 year old little meat is the 2016 Spring Festival period, the 48 year old Cai Guoqing teacher left 1991 Cai teacher’s 23 year old little meat of the 2016 Spring Festival period, the 48 year old Cai Guoqing teacher, 25 years later, when his obsession with many sisters, now have entered the ranks of the mother; those despise Cai Guoqing "toy boy" men, now have potbellied settled, we must also Tsai flowering trees, not satisfied. Although time is a butcher’s knife, but apparently, some people start to light a lot. Cai Guoqing, Cai is how to maintain the state of the skin so well? Small brains search, finally in a variety show, Cai Guoqing found the old secret: "rub face magic" and "tiptoe". Chua’s dry rub face dry rub the face when it comes to Chua’s cheats cheats "Tsai rub face, seems like a magic" from the East "mysterious power", "4", the first episode of dad, Cai Guoqing at home, often in front of the camera to see his son not rub the face, eyes, it seems he would do what! Cai teacher while doing the same side of Amway, rubbing the face of the action than any of the skin care products are effective. So many small partners in the hope that the teacher has a set of rub face tutorial for everyone to imitate learning. This is not, a few days ago, Cai Guoqing in the video live in person to teach the correct operation of the dry face, want to face this face 20 years later? Then come to learn from the teacher cai. The first step in the first step: rub the palm of the hand, friction friction… Bear in mind that you must cover your hands! The second step to the second step: pulling his face between the eyebrows to continue regular circular rubbing rubbing! Follow up with Cai Cai teacher rub up, 1234… 2234… Have you learned? Many users also comment in the following example, my mom and dad grandma grandpa often do, look dry rub face really can make you younger than their peers! We can not see the majority of the majority of consumers do not flicker. Although the wonderful magic rub face!相关的主题文章: