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6 year old girl Huang Xinyi can sing   on CCTV for xunpu endorsement — Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: little voice 6 small beauty Huang Xinyi can sing on CCTV for xunpu endorsement of the 6 year old Huang Xinyi Lexun Po into the national day, Quanzhou on cctv! Following the October 3rd CCTV unveiled xunpu fishing style after the evening of October 5th, we saw the CCTV xunpu "water a little beauty" — our houses Huang Xinyi 6 and a half years old. As a small crab Po female spokesperson, Xinyi in 3 sets of CCTV variety interview column "to happiness" on the stage, to the audience about the xunpu headdress, clothing, such as oyster shell CuO xunpu culture, also taught how to open field host oyster Mending Nets, like a real small yunu. After the broadcast, Quanzhou xunpu characteristic and xunpu Taylor won audience acclaim. Xunpu baby on CCTV every year 29, Quanzhou xunpu village will hold "Matsu security patrol", a xunpu women always little special attention, she is Huang Xinyi. Xinyi grew up in xunpu. My grandmother is authentic xunpu women Xinyi, 2 years old, her grandmother dressed as Xiaoxun Po female flower Wai, wearing earrings, did not expect a debut changqiangduanbao attracted photography enthusiasts "". Since then, every time patrol Matsu activities can see her fragrance. In fact, as early as 6 year old Xinyi is a small star. In January 15th this year, she has appeared on the entertainment channel of Beijing TV station "my star" stage; in October last year, she participated in the show "baby grand ceremony", performing "Diudiu Taiwanese songs" copper four brilliant surprise; in August last year, won the first prize in "2015 T Taiwan star China children model TV Festival" the national finals…… Because before the small Xinyi xunpu women image response is very good, this time the CCTV "to happiness" program group and an invitation to her. In the program, and the lovely flowers still Xinyi pan, clove Erzhui, large garment unlined upper garment, wide leg trousers, a xunpu women dress, carrying a small fishing basket sang cheerful "from the sea", with smart dance, the rich fishing style on stage. She also put Quanzhou flavor, fried crab delicacy fried oyster with CCTV, to the audience the clothing, the shell CuO xunpu, also taught how to open field host oyster shell, like a Mending Nets, authentic xunpu women cultural ambassador. (Shi Yunjuan, commissioning editor: Lin Dongxiao) original title: 6 year old girl Huang Xinyi can sing on CCTV for xunpu endorsement and Xinyi mother introduced home in the CCTV program (this version of the picture provided by Jiang Lingling) the most love for jazz dance day these days, my mother took my grandma went back to Hubei xinyi. The phone Xinyi’s mother Jiang Lingling said, on the CCTV program, Xinyi is also very happy, because they can wear beautiful clothes and xunpu women, but also the audience about her hometown. She took the stage as a play, the audience as a game of friends." Ms. Jiang said Xinyi, only a few months old, the music show interest, as long as with the music, she will follow the rhythm. Learn to sing and dance began in 2 and a half years old, participating in television programs at the age of 3, took no stage fright)相关的主题文章: