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A week of TV ratings: "hip hop Empire" return a week viewing Diving – Sohu entertainment TV ratings (11.06-11.12): "hip hop Empire" regression viewing entertainment news (Chinese diving Sohu iCraig) fall into the eighth week, because the president announced the general election because the TV screen never like this week so busy. Election day, more than 61 million viewers watched the live broadcast on television. CNN, FOX news two cable news stations to become the biggest winner ratings, NBC ranked only on the ratings of third. This is the American election broadcast history, public television network for the first time not to be able to win the ratings. In addition, the hot network public viewing repertoire is still not optimistic, "hip hop Empire", "Grey’s Anatomy", "Survivor" fell by a specified. Cable television, "a dead-alive person" ratings continue to decline, the United States "weird" ratings to pick up beyond all expectations. A series, ABC TV comedy drama "American Housewives" got the first quarter Quanji renewal, also cancelled "agent Carter" Hayley Atwell starred in the drama "conviction"; FREEGFORM cable television canceled the summer drama "summer" (Dead of Summer) dead. Public network: "hip hop Empire" return ratings diving on Sunday, NBC TV network finally restored the glory of the past, because the "Football Sunday night" (Sunday Night) ratings began to rise. In the evening broadcast of the regular season is ninth week Sunday night race – the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders game, Blackburn Mustang eventually lost 20-30 to the raiders. Raiders of the season to shrug off the weakness, the playoffs a fair chance. The game was 0.1 more than the first night of the game ($6.61833). Under the lead of the football game, CBS TV network overall pick up. The news magazine "60 minutes" (60 Minutes) rebounded sharply by 1.2 (2.41405 000); crime drama "NCIS: Losangeles" (NCIS:Los Angeles) rose 0.2 (1.41026 million); the third grade political drama "Madam Secretary" (Madam Secretary) rose 0.2 (10 thousand and 824); ten files crime drama "the basic interpretation of law" (Elementary) to the lowest level in the history of the ratings (6 thousand and 468). FOX television network after the end of the stunning MLB journey, Sunday night full of animation and comedy returns, the audience was back to the prototype. "Happy Burger" (Bob s Burgers) regression in the air after a week, the ratings fell 0.4 (10 thousand and 242), a season low ratings; just to get the new season to renew the flagship animation "Simpson family" (The Simpsons) ratings fell 0.1 (14 thousand and 314); only the "family guy" (Family Guy keep on collecting).相关的主题文章: