After a small holiday temperatures in Jiangsu are generally cloudy days


After a small vacation in Jiangsu is cloudy and pleasant temperatures near the end of a small holiday, Jiangsu returned to the sunny day in smooth water. Jiangsu weather forecast, the recent cloudy days, the temperature is very comfortable and pleasant. Today, a little hot, the maximum temperature of 28 degrees celsius. From tomorrow onwards, affected by cold air, the temperature dropped, the province’s high temperature maintained at 26 degrees celsius. Yesterday, the weather in Nanjing is not much better. At noon, the sky began to clear up, exposing the white clouds in the blue sky. Yesterday, the maximum temperature of 28.2 degrees, higher than the previous day’s high temperature of nearly 6 degrees C (22.5). A large part of Jiangsu has returned to the fine weather, some areas of Xuzhou, Suqian or even close to 30 DEG C, the remaining area at about 27 DEG C, outdoors or some small heat. Today, the province’s weather is completely better. Jiangsu will continue to maintain good weather cloudy. Among them, the larger the wind plus morning today and tomorrow, the temperature is relatively low, large areas of the lowest temperature at 19 to 20 DEG C. Autumn is getting stronger, more and more cold in the morning, the temperature in slow decline. Today, the province’s highest temperature at 27 to 28 degrees C. Two days after the Ming down to about 26 degrees Celsius, to remind you to promptly increase or decrease clothing. Nanjing three days the weather is cloudy today, north wind 4 to 5 gust 6, 20 ~ 28 degrees cloudy tomorrow, 20 to 27 DEG C after 18 ~ 26 degrees cloudy.相关的主题文章: