After more than and 100 km father took his son to Hangzhou just want to abandon him plustek


After more than and 100 km Dad took his son to Hangzhou just abandoned him Yip is in Hangzhou community, 1:45 yesterday afternoon, received a reflection of the residents in Hangzhou to sell fish bridge at the gate of the primary school have a baby cries from inside the car. Ms. Ye immediately rushed to the scene to see a baby car inside, there is a red blanket, wrapped inside a child. To hold up the child carefully to see behind, put a piece of note, Ms. ye said: "with the memory or gestures very neat, it probably said the child was born in January 3rd this year, with congenital heart disease, parents are sick, hope good adoption." Ms. ye think someone abandoned the child, so immediately alarm. During the period, she gave the child to change diapers. From Jiangsu has been sent to the orphanage police immediately check the monitor, to find the relevant information about the child, the final survey found that a man pushing a stroller will be placed in maiyu Bridge Primary School door, then left. Police found through further investigation, the man from Jiangsu, Yixing, from the dress, the family condition is not very bad. At present, the child has been sent to the Hangzhou municipal welfare home, in the orphanage named Yang Yixuan, is being taken care of very well. Information on the child, the police are further efforts to investigate. The vast majority of congenital heart disease can be cured at present about infant congenital disease, the child will abandon the events in the news around also seen many, so these congenital disease really cannot treat and a heavy burden? We consulted Wu Hao, deputy director of the heart center of Hangzhou two hospital. Dr. Wu said, generally difficult to cure. There are many kinds of congenital heart disease, but most of them can be cured. Some children may be considered incurable, abandoned, but in fact there is still hope, as we now have a hospital because of congenital heart disease was abandoned by the little boy, now 8 years old, the basic recovery. The majority of simple congenital heart disease treatment effect is also very good, the vast majority can be cured, generally spend about 40 thousand can be. For congenital heart disease, as long as a heart ultrasound, you can check clearly. Congenital heart disease can be avoided, Dr. Wu also said to us: congenital heart disease, can effectively avoid. The incidence of congenital heart disease in the 6-8, the plateau will be higher. Normal health care and examination after pregnancy can be avoided. At 22 weeks, we can perform a cardiac ultrasound screening for congenital heart disease. Similarly, in the early stages of pregnancy, cosmetics containing heavy metal items as little as possible, use less computer, less smoking, less alcohol, avoid drugs, especially in the first two months of pregnancy, fetal heart development is the key time, we must pay special attention to. The crime of abandonment should be sentenced on the abandoned, we also check the relevant laws. At present, no abandoned crime four hundred and fifty-one crimes in our country, some crimes is the crime of abandonment. The crime of abandonment refers to those who are elderly, young, sick or other persons who have no ability to live independently, have the duty to support and refuse to raise, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or control. Specifically, vile refers to one of the following circumstances: because the abandonment caused the victim serious injury.相关的主题文章: