An increasing number of museum curators are beginning to develop private collections poper


More and more of the curator of the museum began to private collections in London’s Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition curator Francis · Maurice (Frances Morris) recently for George · Iran Kenuo mo (George Economou Collection) of planning an exhibition in post-war Europe and Asia (art as the theme of the exhibition opened on October 13th, on display until April 2017). George · Yikemo collection is a private art museum, founded by the same name Kono Greek ship king Yi mo. In early 2016, the private museum also invited to the Tate curator Mark · Godfrey (Mark Godfrey) planned a minimalist review for its development. From left to right: Francis Maurice, George · · Kono Yi Mo collection curator Scarlett · (Skarlet Smatana), who at the artist Nasaka Yuuko (Yuko Nasaka), The George Economou Collection photograph: These are in the Tate Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition to receive cash donations after the Greek tycoon, and Kenuo Mo Yi I am also the Tate Foundation (Tate Foundation) a member of the board of directors. The board provides support for purchasing and consulting and fundraising. Although the Tate Museum of Contemporary Art refused to disclose the specific amount of the donation, but the huge donation to Museum of Contemporary Art will be willing to Tate Herzog and Demeilong architectural firm (Herzog & de Meuron) a new museum exhibition design, cost up to 260 million pounds in its name. Among the world’s top art galleries and super rich patrons cooperation in today’s government has cut funding for the arts under the condition of more highlights between public art institutions and private sponsors increasingly close contact. Although, as a member of the board of directors of the Museum of Tibetan traditional long-standing, but now there are more and more private collectors opened belonging to their own name gallery or museum, and invited curator or curator from public museums for their exhibition. A veteran of the art world insiders said: "the existence of contradictions and difficulties, between private interest and public art collectors agency mission but now, the cooperation between the two blowout development." The insider added: "this is the museum’s operation mode changes." Was employed by the curator of the Museum of collectors? Maurice is not the only curator who has curated exhibitions for Museum donors. In 2011, London’s Whitechapel Art Gallery (Whitechapel Gallery) director Ivona · (Iwona Blazwick) and Vic Pollard British born Canadian businessman Weston family (Weston family) reached a three相关的主题文章: