Anhui environmental protection departments to supervise the handling of 1 years 17 cases are


Anhui environmental protection departments to supervise the handling of 1 years   17 cases are still not in place rectification — Environmental Protection — original title: Anhui environmental protection departments to supervise the handling of 1 years there are still 17 cases without rectification in place of Xinhua News Agency Hefei August 27th news (reporter Yang Dingmiao, Chen Shangying) environmental protection departments supervise the handling of the whole year, the rectification work is still in the the tender stage, some still in the demonstration design…… Anhui provincial Environmental Protection Agency recently overdue rectification of the case was informed. In August 2015, the environmental protection department to supervise the handling of the 98 cases involving 16 cities and 1 counties in Anhui Province, is a large scale for outstanding environmental problems of centralized disposal. Anhui provincial Environmental Protection Office of the chief engineer Huang Jianshu introduction, as of the end of July, there have been 81 outstanding environmental problems and to complete the rectification of termination of listing, there are Suzhou, Anqing and other 17 cases did not complete the rectification. Informed that, Huaibei District of Lieshan City Economic Development Zone, the construction of sewage treatment plant, is still in the implementation of regional network construction bidding; river water pollution in Suzhou City, university city residents involved Tuo sewage straight row, pollution control facilities still in the demonstration design; health protection in Wuhu Fuxin steel company limited distance did not have to relocate the residents…… Anhui provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said that the environmental protection department has sent a letter to the municipal government, asked relevant departments to clear lead unit, division of tasks and the rectification period, urge the responsible units inverted schedule, to speed up the progress of. At the same time, these 17 cases will serve as clues to the Anhui Provincial People’s Congress special inspection organization, for inspection and supervision in September. "No rectification in place to supervise the handling of cases, mostly involved in construction, demolition and resettlement work, the rectification requires a certain period of time, but if the rectification work has been stagnant, environmental protection department will take measures to limit the number of interviews, etc.." The person in charge said. (Xiao Yang Yu, easy commissioning editor: Poirot)相关的主题文章: