Arsenal cold Saturday lucky prize 1 note 5 million accumulated 6 million 420 thousand yuan explosion 若槻ゆうか


Arsenal cold Saturday lucky prize 1 note 5 million explosion has accumulated $6 million 420 thousand Arsenal cold flat Beijing October 23rd morning, victory in 16161st lottery announced. The first explosion 1 note, a single injection of 5 million yuan prize; two and 24 note 203 thousand yuan, 6 million 420 thousand into nine out of 278 was accumulated; 45146 yuan note. The outcome of the lottery color sales of 25498896 yuan, the total amount of any bets of $19610678 to $nine. This upset many, Arsenal Dortmund cold, Everton have lost Leverkusen, the focus of the war AC Milan home court 1-0 victory over juventus. The specific color fruit: Arsenal and Everton draw with Middlesbrough home court, 1-2 away defeat to Burnley, Leicester, Storck City, West Ham, Liverpool defeated their opponents, Swansea draw with Waterford. The Bundesliga Leverkusen home court lost 0-3 Hoffenheim, Dortmund 3-3 away by Gore, Damm 3-1 upset victory over Wolfsburg, Bayern, Herta and Freiburg are in the home court. Juventus in Serie A in Milan. Hull Burnley Arsenal winning color city Lecce city Swansea Liverpool "by Gore Herta of the Freiburg West Ham Damm Shi Bairen AC Milan reminder: the deadline for the period of awarding the December 22, 2016, overdue for Qijiang treatment. Popular sort of football lottery quiz screenings Shengping Fu Statistics (percentage) 16161 ranking number and name field popular guess guess guess win ratio flat ratio of negative proportion of the actual match results Arsenal VS 91.25 6.84 1.91 novel VS Everton 10.56 23.83 65.61 Burnley 60.81 25.09 14.1 "VS Fenhai Huo Gore VS 7.45 15.11 77.43 Damm dott VS Wolf 17.31 28.85 53.84 AC Milan VS Swansea VS 48.47 33.7 Juventus 17.83 41.37 31.73 26.9 Lecce city of Waterford VS Crystal Palace 57.51 28.46 14.03 72.2 18.06 9.74 Liverpool West Ham VS Sunderland VS sebro 83.98 12.14 3.88 86.9 9.74 3.36 VS Borussia Bayern相关的主题文章: