Back to the city is still a train station red blue the most fashionable sacks. 下北glory days


Back to the city is still a train station "red blue" after numerous big sacks. The most fashionable one after the migrant workers woven bag design, Balenciaga to deliver the goods, hot pursuit of fashion, the red and blue color woven bags with workers launched the "migrant workers" migrant workers of the Fashion version of the good people called Bazar handbag! Balenciaga woven bag those years, we do not understand fashion circle. This year, following the Chanel show "workers" red bag, pony brother period of Louis Vuitton 2007 "farmer" snakeskin bag, and after the Celine Phoebe Philo launched a series of snakeskin material clothing and handbags in winter 2013 Balenciaga to deliver the goods, hot pursuit of fashion trends, the red and blue color high – woven bag workers launched the "migrant workers" bag of migrant workers the most Fashion version, a good joke, Bazar handbag was called the latest Balenciaga! Paris, the influx of people to hand back, the eleven immediately after the long holiday, awfully, you did not return back up sacks to determine a back back to the city?? Balenciaga woven bag Balenciaga woven bags do not look down on these bags, you think that anyone can afford to buy ah! Far to see its degree of reduction is quite high, but also can feel the luxury of luxury handbags exquisite workmanship and advanced leather texture. So even if the size of $2520, more than RMB ten thousand yuan pricing, so in the fashion circle caused great echo, the tide is also early back! Do not understand your fashion circle! Balenciaga 2016 winter series Balenciaga 2016 winter series Bazar series family is a big handbag in the fashion circle is Balenciaga, 2016 winter series show such background, has let people know that it is expensive. At the same time, the bag is like Vetemen TS Demna Gvasalia Balenciaga in the designer after the launch of the first bag, also has a historical significance. Bazar series bag drawn from life cheap handbags (this is down to earth), red and blue white, black or blue and white color is Rainbow Department stripes, a Arena lambskin, absolute luxury! Balenciaga woven bags, Balenciaga bags are actually a lot of people that don’t understand why Gvasalia Demna entering the brand to do a woven bag that pack, is actually very good understanding, Demna Gvasalia is an innovator in the attitude to Balenciaga, compared to the full design overweeningly ambitious desire, he inherited from Balenciaga’s tradition. He brings new ideas to bring a significant change for the fashion house. Balenciaga woven bag Bazar is based on the Demna Gvasalia "practical luxury" proposition made. "Real?相关的主题文章: