Beijing, Tianjin and Africa to achieve animation Carnival and other 5 cultural and creative areas of mia farrow


Tianjin reach in Africa to do animation Carnival 5 cultural and creative cooperation in the field of the main exhibition fair, by three of Tianjin Cultural Bureau jointly organized the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development zone ", ushered in the three to 5 key cooperation projects signed. Chinese film archive and the three-dimensional six degree (Beijing) technology company, and spirit of Powerise (Tianjin) animation technology company, jointly signed the "digital protection China film restoration project cooperation framework agreement", marks the whole process of China film restoration project officially started. The project plans to repair the first movie is "the horse thief", second films as "yellow earth". The next 3 to 5 years, the three party will not only work together to repair a number of influential films, will be based on these practices, to discuss the 4K ultra clear film digital repair protection standards, personnel training, textbook publishing etc.. In Africa has been the promotion of digital television four of the age group, and Beijing animation and game industry alliance, Hebei Province Cultural Industry Association will jointly build "animation industry" Beijing Tianjin Hebei The Belt and Road ‘going out strategy cooperation platform". Four times up out in Africa more than and 440 TV channels, more than and 200 business offices and more than 3 thousand convenience stores and other resources, screening power of Beijing Tianjin Hebei outstanding original animation in Africa, and actively preparing for the animation Carnival activities in africa. Design of "Beijing" in the fair and the capital library, Tianjin Museum, Hebei Museum jointly signed the "Tianjin cultural heritage unit of cultural and creative product development cooperation agreement", the Beijing lead in the design service, the integration of creative design, production, marketing resources, intellectual property protection system, deep mining the three cultural units collection of cultural resources, development of cultural and creative products. The Red Flag Publishing House limited liability company, Tianjin road animation culture company cooperation "reached a strategic cooperation China series — Interpretation of the national story Chinese full-color comic series", "ancient comic" tells the story of 56 national classic stories and legends. Tianjin world comic company and Beijing animation and game industry alliance will also jointly promote the Spring Festival animation culture, held "Spring Festival Gold story collection activities. [source: Beijing daily]相关的主题文章: