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Beijing – VIDEO – "mirror" haihun staged in Chongqing Macao elements "fish drunk dragon" to the opera stage [comment] in September 23rd, 24, the first in the history of Macao as the theme of the original opera story "mirror haihun" staged for the first time in Chongqing. The play tells the story of a section of the people of Macao against the Portuguese colonial rule. It is understood that the "mirror" by Macao Peking Opera haihun fund investment, Macao local writer Mu Xinxin screenwriter, Jiangsu opera creation. The play about Portuguese authorities in order to occupy and control the entire Macao Peninsula, the Macao governor sub Mahler destroyed walls, and dug the grave Hirata, aroused great indignation of people in Macao. In the youth sub Mahler righteous Shen Zhiliang assassinated, he himself was the weak Qing government wenzhan. According to reports, "the mirror haihun" creation, which lasted for 3 years. Wang Qun, director of the Jiangsu Academy of Peking Opera, also shared some of the stories behind the scenes with reporters. [during the same period] (Wang Qun, President of Jiangsu Peking Opera Theater) because the original Macao foundation wanted to engage in cultural and creative industries. Is Macao as we all know, we are romantic, is mainly the gaming industry is developed, and later want to engage in cultural and creative industries, how to do it, just at that time, Mu Xinxin Macao is one of the three women, then let her choose a theme of what, then I also feel the Showtime visual angle is very good, she we selected a national hero, Shen Zhiliang is such a theme, because the people of Macao, we went to Macao folk songs, Macao (people) are known to every family, including taxi drivers, tour guides know Shen Zhiliang this thing. [comment] reporters at the show to see, the play will be combined with the realistic historical stories, people familiar with the Macao opera singing scene and exquisite perfection, and through the actors wonderful acting, show a picture of the history of Macao kangkaibeige to the audience. At the same time, the play also cleverly combines some elements of Macao, to the "song of seven" intro, "fish drunk dragon" to the opera stage etc.. The same period [] (Jiangsu, Peking Opera actor Zhang Kun) this drama has a great feature, it has a drunken dragon dance, dragon dance in general, we can see the dragon dance is a whole of a dragon, but it is not, it is said that the dragon and the wine jar is separated. This is a place in Macao is a very unique one dance. After the show, many viewers told reporters that they were very excited after reading. The same period [] (audience Deng Xiaoqing) after watching this drama, I feel very shocked, because I think the first is the actors singing, and including the design of the whole stage, and the actors of the skill, I think it makes me feel very admire. Reporter Zhang Ying reported Chongqing green buckwheat相关的主题文章: