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Is the real name real prices to buy peace of mind 49-116 flat area range enjoy life Beijing HuiFu Bay (real estate information) banyan tree area of 49-116 square meters of real estate Tencent sincere blessing interval two Banyan Tree Bay listings for sale was 16, 32, No. 36, expected in the second half of 2016 opening, 16, building 36, 2 ladder 4, No. 32 the building is 2 staircase 5 households, a total of 34 layers, a total of 442 square meters, the area of interval 49-116. Prices, property fees and other information to be determined, is expected to be submitted in the second half of 2017. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 Banyan Tree Bay View Details hopefull brand developers just need real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 610971 Fu · Banyan Tree Bay is located in the Beijing Jingdong of Yanjiao Chaobai River Yan Shun and West Street at the junction of Beijing palace, and Tongzhou across the river from the Beijing municipal government is looking at 6 kilometers, China World Trade Center CBD25 km, Tiananmen and the straight line distance of 30 kilometers, 25 kilometers from the Capital International Airport, south of Tong Yan Expressway one kilometer north from Beijing high-speed 5 kilometers, 8 kilometers west of East six ring, is the distance from the Beijing administrative sub center recently international ecological livable city. "" "" "click to view the comments banyan Bay Fu above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Shunyi opened the first · Sheng Plaza (real estate information) transportation Tencent real estate news first · Sheng Plaza is located in Shunyi District Wolong Island 1500 meters to the north, convenient traffic, 10 km from the capital airport, 19 kilometers away from Wangjing. The first · Sheng square has been basically sold out, currently contracted, to see whether there are listings returned late. The first · Sheng Plaza, a total of 4 buildings, all 3 staircase 20 households, 1 units, 10 floor, apartment layout area is 40-60, total 1 million sets, 4.2 meters tall, fine decoration, hardcover standard 2000 yuan, 50 years of property rights, property costs 4.2 yuan per month in December 30, 2017 *. Tencent Beijing Shunyi real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 2641546396. The first · Sheng square to see the details of the lowest price of 100 yuan square meters of large-sized apartment low price real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 619888 · first; Sheng square is built by the first group of the city complex project, the project is located in Shunyi new town core area, convenient transportation, complete the project, 10 kilometers from the capital airport, from Wangjing 19 kilometers. It covers an area of 45796 square meters, greening rate of 30%. The project includes office and commercial products, the first phase of 4.2 meters LOFT products, 40-60 flat full function of smart space to enjoy free. "" "" "click to see the first · Sheng square comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Fangshan ocean new world (real estate information) custom Vihara new world ocean real estate Tencent – A.相关的主题文章: