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Cai Zhenhua Jiangcheng behind the Orangemen   deny issued "win order" — Sichuan channel — original title: Cai Zhenhua Jiangcheng behind the Orangemen denied "win order" issued yesterday afternoon, when the football captain Feng Xiaoting slowly into the Wuhan Tazihu training base No. 2 site, he surprised to find that the scene in advance the Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua is with a smile, stood in the middle of the field. After shaking hands with the captain, Cai Zhenhua was waiting for him to shoot the other members of the new version of the national family Fu Fu zhao. Such a detail also shows that as the highest leadership of the Chinese football industry management department, Cai Zhenhua consciously use body language to express support and encouragement to the country. Beijing Youth Daily reporter interview, Cai Zhenhua said, "now I will never demand Chinese football must get 3 points, the team is what I see the best atmosphere of a national team, so I trust them, they need to exercise, it’s not easy to win……" For this purpose, Cai Zhenhua admitted, I will be in Wuhan for a total of two days, to see the team. I don’t think I will bring what pressure to the team, but at this time, when the team are actively preparing for the two big games in October, and is able to take a look at what demand is not a team, visit and understanding is not to preach, so I won’t give the players what ideological course. In fact, during the preparation for the game, the protagonist is a coach, athletes, we should provide more detailed services to the team." Complete family portrait photographs, Cai Zhenhua put forward the suggestions on the side of the management team, "in fact, when photographing, should let the players show more aggressive to". Mention the details, Cai Zhenhua said, "now I know, the biggest problem is that the injury plagued the team, of course, physical fitness, mental fatigue, and so when I coach group meeting, also stressed that the detailed understanding of these issues, and help the team relieve fatigue, ease the pressure above thought possible. Play the game, the players need to mention the spirit. I think the players facing such difficulties is a normal result, so this time, I also hope that the team can to calm down, get a stage connection in the next stage of adjustment to a reasonable state." Cai Zhenhua arrived in Wuhan on the same day, there are rumors that the China Football Association head to the team issued a October 12 match "two win", but Cai Zhenhua has denied, "how could I say that? I think the success of the football game in the final analysis is the problem of comprehensive strength, the team’s material basis is the technical and tactical. Our team is working very hard. In fact, for every game, no need to say who must win or must be flat, if you can win by saying that, it is too simple. This is not to say, players, coaches do not want to win it? Every game to win, the ball must be. Of course, just a few games, the team is not mature? Is it possible to make people satisfied? I don’t think so, still need to temper." Cai Zhenhua BYD reporter admits, this came to Wuhan he also expressed full support for the team including coach Gao Hongbo and attitude. Although)相关的主题文章: