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You can make money on the line of college students "brush" legal risks faced with the rapid development of electricity providers and online shopping market has been booming, commodity trading volume, credit evaluation, evaluation is self-evident in the electronic business platform, they affect the consumer’s purchase decision. As the network scalper behavior, gradually evolved into harm market order "ills", reduce business platform reputation, also against the interests of consumers. It is worth noting that a lot of students in school and just out of school to join the brush in the army. Many students of this as a "good way" part-time to make money, just click the mouse, you can stay at home to earn a living. Due to the weak sense of law, and even some college graduates as a profession, mistakenly thought he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship". Under the guise of entrepreneurship illegal profits of nearly one million yuan, Tongling, Ledu Mall Office, someone using the Internet to engage in illegal activities." The day before, Anhui Tongling City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment arrested a use of the network to provide false profit performance of brush single criminal gangs for customers. Scene seized more than 20 computer crime, more than more than 3000 communications card, captured the involved Gu Qiang (a pseudonym) and other people of the 12. Surprisingly, 12 of them are young people who have just graduated from college. After graduating from the University of ancient Qiang engaged in Internet cafes in the network management work, and later came into contact with the brush business, because it stresses credibility in the circle has a lot of fans. At the end of 2014, he set up an e-commerce company in the local area, then he and Lee, 11, under the pretext of youth entrepreneurship ", collecting information of Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform business information, and provide" brush "service, to seek illegal interests. Network scalper behavior has many forms, ancient strong ties some business platform on bad business, in order to avoid the business platform of inspection and control, the use of virtual machine login shop business, to complete the purchase of goods, payment, confirmation of receipt, written rating all the online shopping process, every single piece of information fee of 3 yuan to 5 yuan. The seemingly normal online shopping behavior, in fact, has been shopping business prior required funds paid in advance to the ancient one, through the brush single funds back to the merchant’s account, merchant account to pay through other brush single service fee. Less than a year, a certain illegal profits of nearly one million yuan. His company has provided more than and 100 electricity supplier brush single service, of which 37 for fixed customers. Convenient, easy to make money? In fact, the college students’ scalping phenomenon is also very common. Reporters learned that, at present, there are two popular brush single model. One is the brush single officers gathered in private QQ group, published by the administrator of scalping task group members in the Taobao search and baby photographed payment, this way is often the administrator prior to the "Commission" to "payment" to call a scalper. "Commission" is to brush a single member of the brush to pay the wages of this single, and "money" is the actual cost of the goods photographed. I quite like this way, relatively small risk, after all, to give the money to brush a single, we are more realistic." Has been more than a year to brush graduate He Hua (a pseudonym) told reporters that his.相关的主题文章: