Chang Hong tunnel asphalt pavement renovation project completed 31 days from zero to restore access


Changhong tunnel asphalt pavement renovation project completed in 31 at 0:00 on the restoration of traffic Changhong tunnel asphalt pavement renovation project completed in 31 at 0:00 on the city to restore access to the Municipal Department yesterday came the news, today is October 31st at 0:00, Changhong Tunnel Asphalt Pavement Renovation Project will be fully completed, remove roadblocks to restore normal traffic all the time. Changhong tunnel is located in the central city of Ningbo, south of South Road, north of the town of Nanjing Road and State Road 329, Ningbo is the center of the city to the north of the Changjiang River, Zhenhai, Cixi traffic. Since it was put into operation, the traffic load of Chang Hong tunnel has been very large. After many years of operation, the asphalt pavement is damaged in varying degrees, which affects the comfort and safety of driving. According to this situation, the Municipal Department of urban management officially launched in September 22nd this year, Changhong Tunnel Asphalt Pavement Renovation Project, the asphalt pavement in the tunnel of milling, spreading comprehensive shop, totaling more than 20000 square meters of asphalt pavement renovation. According to reports, after the renovation of the pavement anti slide performance and greatly enhance the ability of anti rutting, the traffic noise is effectively reduced, the driving comfort and safety than before the increase, and further optimize the environment of the tunnel traffic safety. During the renovation of the tunnel, the public raised questions about why it took so long to fix the pavement. According to the urban management department of the introduction, and the spread of the asphalt pavement is different, part of the section of the tunnel often need to pour concrete, and then asphalt paving. The pouring of concrete requires a certain amount of curing time, so it can not be carried out on the road after the paving. In addition, in this project, but also the implementation of the Chang Hong tunnel seepage water disease remediation project (third stage), on some sections of the grouting plugging. Two projects simultaneously, cross, will also have a certain impact on the construction process. To this end, the urban management departments in the early stage of the construction plan for a reasonable arrangement, as far as possible to shorten the construction period, the final completion of the completion of time. At the same time, also adopted a hole by hole closed construction method, the construction will be concentrated in the night, in order to minimize the impact on daytime traffic. The implementation of this project, not only solved the problem of water leakage of the tunnel after tunnel has larger overall environment, enhance the level, will create a safer, more comfortable, more beautiful surroundings for everyone.相关的主题文章: