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Chen Xi original return to the essence of life of the city Villa "sky, earth, material and technology skillfully, the four is good, then you can." This is the highest standard of architectural aesthetics. Today, this can still be the pursuit of the realm of contemporary architecture. The industry believes that the domestic high-end residential building design, the essence of everything is tailored, followed by the integration of environment, construction, resource integration, and it can show to reflect the art of architecture technology era. Chen Xi original is such an example. We can find the original Chen Xi, both architectural form, layout, landscape, through the reasonable selection of materials, fine workmanship, achieve mutual fusion realm. [Xi Chen original Xianfang villa real shot] "construction is in full use of land resources on the basis of the realization of people, land and natural harmony." Have the original sale Xianfang villa project leader said Chen xi. It is reported that Chen Xi to take in the original developers Beijing Longhu at the beginning of the textbook research that how drill buildings can fit the West Sanhuan City area, looking at the history, understand the land endowment, after Chen Xi original after several rounds of adjustment programs, Longhu designers dozens of times to Jingxi Gongwangfu folk songs for inspiration to take shape. And after each revision, only to let the West Chen original buildings and times and land lease phase consistency. [Xi Chen understand the original Xianfang villa real shot] Longhu group not only entangled in the land of memory, to create the original Chen Xi, "picky" and "penny" these words can be used in the project of every process, every corner. So, the most important reason is that Beijing Longhu ten years of deep plowing, along the way, always uphold the principle of "artisan spirit", aimed at following the rhythm and original, double long original, in the west of the original Chen third generation of the original body, let the house, let the villa, the real return to residential property, it should return to the original nature in the. [Xi Chen original Xianfang villa real shot] west Chen of the original plan, always focus both inside and outside the fusion "city culture and regional temperament, pay attention to East Fusi expensive" inside the park and the surrounding FBD harmony, and within the community planning, pay attention to the practical function first, function first to realize spatial innovation the frontier, realize the underground space and the ground. At the same time, looking at the garden, west the original Chen more focus on people and the environment of interactive experience, design inspirations from precious Gongwangfu, the pursuit of the overall atmosphere, garden, villa three-in-one court building, at the same time, the pursuit of harmony with all the rocks and vegetation environment. [Xi Chen original Xianfang villa real shot] in addition, Xi Chen in the choice of the original building materials, not only pay attention to the quality of construction, pay more attention to the combination and effect. To this end, Beijing Longhu to look for exotic stone to make light of travelling a thousand li origin, choose the appropriate texture for the original stone Xi Chen, finally elected to the Le Louvre Museum, and the French Ministry of Finance with the material of limestone, and then the cutting, transport number, once there is a very cautious, damaged, can not reflect the overall beauty of the original Chen Xi the whole stone facade, it loses value, will not be built in the west of the original 1 Chen相关的主题文章: