Children of war that would be lying – maternal Sohu rainism


"Children of war" that would be lying – Sohu in August mother went to the hospital to do laparoscopy surgery. After surgery to promote the two good pregnancy. September ovulation suddenly out of the hospital to measure the idea of the row, the results go to the follicle has grown to 20. The doctor said it would be in the same day. Results two days later to have 23, rushing to play Pro pin. That month after the discharge of the follicle is not discharged. Failed to prepare for pregnancy. (I’ve talked about the previous post) so I’m ready to go on in October. The last of October 7th. In October 20th to go to the hospital to test row, the doctor said the follicle grow slow, called two days to reach 18 directly promoting row. At that time, I was worried that I would like to play the same needle last month. No. 24 in October. 26 monitoring has been discharged. At that time, just thinking about the injection will be very good row. (24 – 26 days that I have arranged, is before the uterus, so AA directly after lying down to sleep. After no longer tube) mood is very relaxed, not to set what symptom is that eat the sleep every day. Occasionally go out shopping or something. Because the fight to promote the use of early pregnancy is invalid. So really wait until after twelve days before the test paper (I also have a post to see the test paper to deepen the situation) when the ash printing is very happy, every day, to deepen some slow, but also no tube. To the seven day of the stomach pain, the heart of all kinds of worry. And then decided to take blood. The next day to get results, the doctor said some low value, can not be determined (there may be biochemical means), began a variety of apprehension. Second days went to the city people’s Hospital, hang a number of experts, she saw the list that you value is very low, there may be no pin played promoting metabolism, after the man was surrounded by disappointment. The doctor was given urgent blood, called to blood, and then see the results. The results came out very well. The doctor decided that it was pregnant. Not happy. I hope the baby can be healthy and happy in the belly of ma. ^_^ really thank the sisters made on various issues when I prepare pregnant patiently, thank sisters share a good pregnancy experience! I also come to share my experience: 1, skipping rope every day to the ovulation period of one thousand did not jump (I jump a little more, every day tired of the heavy breath. Estimated five hundred under enough. 2), to buy online wormwood, adhere to their feet every night before going to bed. (very comfortable when sleeping) after ovulation directly with water. 3, the end of menstruation every day to drink soy milk. (soybean black beans, but there are also sisters eat menstruation or ovulation back, so the personal physique. 4, there is a good pregnancy, I pick up every day. Although I am calling (xinchengzeling) decorporation, but I feel like I usually do these preparations must be helpful. So a long time infertility sister really can try. Even if the effect is not good for the body is also good. ^_^ wrote some chaos kazakhstan. Thank you again for the creation and sharing of the sisters in the making! Then I wish all the sisters can be healthy and good pregnancy! Fifty days later ^_^ and hope the baby can have healthy fetal heart rate shoots! .相关的主题文章: