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China is catching to build a new aircraft carrier ship security HD exposure (Figure) – Sohu military channel page first: new carrier ship built in security exposure [click the picture to the next page] user photographs show that a new aircraft carrier ship under construction security. According to photos taken by friends show that a new aircraft carrier ship is under construction, a new aircraft carrier ship and the previous 88 ship shape is not much difference. Related reports: Recently, friends photographed a large domestic ship built in the picture, the ship has been built with the current 903 903A supply ship in the size of the body there is a significant difference. It is reported that China is building a 901 type of large-scale integrated supply ship, is considered to be an important part of the future aircraft carrier battle group. Domestic military forum pictures show that a large domestic supply ship has been launched, from the point of view of the shape of the ship has been built with the service of 903, 903A supply ship has a significant difference. There are 901 types of large-scale integrated supply ship which is being built in our country, and its displacement is expected to reach about 4 to about 50 thousand tons. As we all know, after more than ten years of rapid development of the Chinese Navy, in the field of Surface Warfare ship has made considerable progress, a large number of new destroyers, frigates have served. But an often overlooked problem caused a large number of ships is supply, security problems, in order to make China navy strength has been a real breakthrough, a large offshore supply ship is an essential role. Only a large number of ocean replenishment ship is effectively added, in order to make the Chinese Navy’s level of offshore operations to be guaranteed and improved. According to public information, the United States Navy currently has nearly 30 ships of 4 tons to 50 thousand tons level supply ships, each ship supply ships need 5 ships warship service. The Chinese Navy currently has only two generation of 3 a total of 5 vessels offshore supply ships, in addition to the "Qinghai Lake drainage", a volume of 37 thousand tons, the supply ship drainage volume is only 20 thousand tons, the average supply ship to nearly 15 ships service. Compared with the U.S. Navy, the Chinese navy in the huge gap between the ship’s supply is obvious. Especially in recent years, China navy ocean increasingly arduous task, which makes the existing several limited supply ship in a high-intensity running state, such as the Gulf of Aden escort operations, the lack of supply ship is particularly prominent. From the Internet to the exposure of the picture, a large domestic supply ship from the design point of view, focus on stealth and speed, so it is more like a fast combat support ship, is designed for high speed with the carrier formation and formation of the design, can be said to be the enhanced version of comprehensive supply ship. The reason to focus on speed, because the active Chinese Navy supply ship speed is not more than 20 knots, far from being able to meet the requirements of high speed surface ship formation. Special military commentator Li Xiaojian said that the number of large naval vessels of the Chinese Navy less, lower tonnage, has become a major bottleneck restricting the development of China’s navy. With the carrier of the Liaoning aircraft carrier and the construction of the domestic aircraft carrier construction, greater tonnage, higher speed.相关的主题文章: