Chongqing to build a strong football city in the western region football industry in 2025 will reach zhuxianduowan


Chongqing to build the Western Soccer City Football in 2025 will reach 30 billion yuan industrial scale – Beijing, Beijing, November 14 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Lu) Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau news release said 14, the "Chongqing City Football Reform and development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been officially introduced. "Implementation plan" put forward in 10 years, Chongqing will make clear to the Western Soccer City, 2025, football industry output value accounted for the proportion of the city’s sports industry output value reached 30%, reached 30 billion yuan, driven by the football employees reached more than 20 people. "Implementation plan" clearly a series of quantitative assessment indicators include: by 2020, Chongqing society football population of over 800 thousand people, over 1 million people in 2025; all levels of amateur football team in 2020 to more than 2000, to reach 3000 in 2025; the football school to reach 500 in 2020 the school campus in the city. To reach 1250 in 2025; the League of schools at all levels to reach 2000 in 2020 to reach 3000 in 2025 number of sessions. The number of football reserve talent enrollment reached 6000 in 2020 to reach 10000 people by 2025. At the same time, Chongqing will increase support for professional football clubs. "Implementation plan" proposed to support the occupation football club joint-stock reform, the government, enterprises and individuals to form a diversified investment, investment structure reasonable, consolidating the construction of regional occupation football club, to build the city "name card", in support of the Chongqing occupation football club to create a hundred years football club". Zhang Xin, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau, said Chongqing would encourage more companies, including foreign capital to invest in local professional clubs. "Chongqing football has the advantage of training a lot of famous football players in Super League, the total number of Chongqing’s home court ranked the top three, good football atmosphere contains many opportunities." Zhang Xin said. In terms of football reserve personnel training, the implementation of the program mentioned that football reserve personnel training will be an important task for the campus football. Chongqing will implement a combination of education, the campus football soccer, football occupation and social cohesion, smooth outstanding seedling growing channel; strengthening the teaching management culture course of football skills, improve the examination and enrollment policy, encourage students to actively participate in the long-term learning and training of football. At the same time, will also set up local colleges to enhance the training level of football talents, set up a football academy in the condition of colleges and universities, to build the western highlands football talent cultivation, talent management talent, the football coach, football football industry personnel, and the establishment of football training base to choose qualified schools, build the main channel of football talents, realize the sustainable development of football talents training. "Implementation plan" proposed the establishment of Chongqing City Football Development Foundation, each year according to the ratio of not less than 8% from the year of the sports lottery funding arrangements, earmarked for support of juvenile football talent cultivation and social activities such as football.相关的主题文章: