Chongqing winter is too long In fact, it is shorter than the spring and autumn time vy canis majoris


Chongqing winter is too long? In fact, it is time to be short in spring and autumn November 7th, the beginning of winter "". In the folk, people used to be "Lidongben" as the official start of the winter. So when does the real winter come? Climate Center of Chongqing Meteorological Bureau data show that the current average winter from the main city of the time, and for 1 months, so although the cold air cooling has only just begun, the next few days will be a cold day, but the pull through the weather in November, and the space game of cold and warm air, very low temperature to "one step" will be sent to Chongqing in winter, the sun and the opportunity to reverse the. In winter, Chongqing Climate Center experts said that China’s vast territory, in addition to the winter and long summer without winter in Southern China coastal region of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, around the winter is not started at the same time. However, in climatology, divided seasons standard is uniform: the second half of the average temperature for 5 consecutive days to the first day of the 10 DEG C as the start of winter. According to the meteorology, climate division, which is divided according to the actual temperature of four seasons, Chongqing winter time with specific data. In the Climate Center Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the huge database will be in Chongqing since 1971 the arrival time and number of all seasons were recorded: we feel no Chongqing in spring and autumn, spring and autumn or winter and summer is very short and long. In fact, the main city of the year, the shortest is winter, spring, autumn is not a quick slide. Data show that the main city in the spring of 91 days on average, there are days in autumn, spring and autumn accounted for half of the season in, and we remember the winter is actually the shortest season, only 70 days. Summer is the longest, most of the area in 120 days or so, the main city in the summer average of 123 days per year, that is, the time of the year is the summer of 13. Over the last 30 years of data show that the average time of the main city of Chongqing for the spring of March 2nd, the average in June 1st summer, autumn time is 10 month 2 days, December 22nd is the average winter time from now for more than 1 months, wait patiently, the sun will always appear in the current round of low temperature warm heart.相关的主题文章: