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"Demon cat" Huang Xuan was fall of emperor Someya Masata of director "bad adorable demon cat biography" yellow Xuanran Valley studio was such Tencent entertainment news by director Kaige Chen’s "demon cat" is Xiangyang hot shot, following the announcement, Someya Masata, Zhang Yuqi, Huang Xuan, Qin Hao formally joined, and then Send a movie today a new footage, Huang Xuan, Someya Masata Kaige Chen’s first secret character, "Crazy" and "a brother" feature previews. In the film Huang Xuan as poet Bai Letian Someya Masata as monk Kukai, two people play together after the truth, but the interaction is full, to celebrate the birthday, bursting point, sharing mutual learning language, a lack of thought boat "moment closer," friendship "demon cat perfect sail. The trailer, director Kaige Chen is the first general character, Bai Letian is "a madman, can be very irascible, childish, but he has the tutelage", "air sea is calm, calm, like the jade round". Huang Xuan also set full of childish, hot soup poured on the surface of a gasp, a boat and waved, smiling the camera before the shooting in sprinting, vivid show "madman" Bai Letian daily, due to filming various beyond all expectations fell, but by the director Huang Xuan called "fall emperor", a laughing. Shaved head Rangujiangtai stood quietly, stable smile often make people trance he is from the Tang Dynasty through to the monks, but sometani with a cat looks really cute, by the director called "a brother", could not help but call "too adorable". Not long ago, Someya Masata ushered in the 24 birthday of the crew, the scenes in the yellow cake and Xuan launched a chorus of happy birthday, warmth and joy, and the cake cute black demon cat and "a brother" image, is cast as carefully designed sometani birthday, two days ahead of the customized gift reflects the "demon the cat" the warmth of the family. The trailer, Huang Xuan and Someya Masata as the more than and 100 day of shooting through, and gradually cultivate a remarkable rapport and rivals as both a friend in the play, the two guys are also funny, grow together, as "demon cat" harmonious shooting adds a lot of wonderful memories, but also the audience. The expected value soared. Director Kaige Chen for six years "demon cat biography" by the new Laguna film, Kadokawa pictures, twenty-first Century, Sheng Kai emperor motion pictures Ltd., the film taken from the famous Japanese writer Baku yumeimakura super popular fantasy novel "Salmonella Konghai", tells the story of a man’s mouth demon cat stirred the city of Changan, the poet Bai Letian and to make a monk Kukai exploration section being deliberately buried in the truth surfaced story, is expected to be released in 2018.相关的主题文章: