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DirectFX: Tai Chi non us down clients view the latest market yesterday, the European Central Bank [micro-blog] FOMC meeting, the European Central Bank to halt the troops and wait keep rates and the size of the debt purchase period unchanged, the only change is the ECB statement if it is necessary to extend the QE debt purchase time. In Europe after the FOMC silver Delagi also attended the press conference, but the content of the speech of Delagi downplayed QE, leading European shares extended losses, while gold hit, the larger amplitude also appeared on the bond market. Foreign exchange market pressure on the United States and the United States began to strengthen the pressure, in general, the amount of interest in the European Central Bank temporarily ease the overall decline in the United States and the United states. After the end of the European bank interest rate changes in the mood of the market changes more clearly, we can learn from the trend of money one or two. In the case of the euro in the case of QE potential uncertainty, the market did not buy the euro as before, but there is a sell-off. Only a change in this detail shows that the market is not worried about monetary policy, but the overall economic stability, due to lack of confidence will be the case of the corresponding currency was sold. The United States has already raised interest rates on the current market does not constitute a fundamental impact, excessive caution has long been its digestion. Then the market trend will return to stable economic source, which also appeared in the potential risk aversion sharply under the influence of the market, the recent sharp speculation that is the case, gold has completely become the short-term market sentiment index, next week the market will reflect this point more most incisive. Technical analysis: the euro against the dollar yesterday: the ECB rate decision unchanged, after Delagi’s speech the euro down, showing short-term downside risks to the euro. The euro dollar exchange rate is now trading at around 1.1274, four hours above the 1.1288 resistance line, short-term upward rundown test Qingcang test empty, stop above 1.1305, under the first target of 1.1260, second target to see 1.1230 near the line. The pound against the dollar and the euro: pound yesterday in brief in the matching period in Europe, the ECB rate decision to continue correcting down, but recent pounds are strong. At present, the pound against the dollar traded near 1.3310, four hours to stabilize the 1.3290 support line, recommend Qingcang try more, stop 1.3280, above the first target of 1.3335, a breakthrough to continue watching the 1.3360 resistance line. Gold: gold prices this Zhou Chong higher to 1350 line line resistance broken down, and because of the late period of the euro yesterday continued to decline dragged down. At present, the price of gold in the vicinity of 1335.7, fell below four hours to try short, stop above the top of the bottom of the short-term support of 133413321330 as the target of the bit by the end of 1336. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.相关的主题文章: