Don’t be patriotic in the name of the bottom line comment on the movie my war Promo shishangqiyi


Not in the name of patriotism without the bottom line: "my war" on the Movie Trailer [Abstract] a trailer for the movie, with a small tour of South Korea disgusting story, brag about was how to capture people’s capital! Too no bottom line. Today is my ninth teacher’s day. In nine years, I have been on the education of the elderly not interested, because I know that decades of inherent ideas are difficult to change, sometimes yiyanbuge scolded, as a junior, you do not say what. However, these two days I saw a group of "old artist" for the film "my war" of the film, after reading, I can not help but want to say a few words. This movie is about the Korean War bravery China army – save North Korea, South Korea lesson. The film hasn’t been released yet, and I’ve been able to figure out one or two of the movie, but that’s not what I’m going to say today. I want to say is that the film the whole a group of seventy or eighty older generation movie artists took a film, probably the story is this: a red sunset tour to travel to Seoul, on the South Korean tour guides to say hello, and welcome to Seoul for the first time, this group of old moment climax. Huan off that he is coming to Seoul for the first time. When the South Korean passport information a little guide when finish the face Meng force, this group of elderly people began excitement: when we are patriotic performance art troupe! When we are even steel! We didn’t need a passport when we came here! When we came to Seoul! We were carrying a red flag into Seoul! After reading, I really do not know what the old group of artists to say what is good, we are young to see these people shoot the film grew up, it is like, really do not have the heart to educate them. But to see them so excited, I don’t say something is not good. First of all, you sing the praises of the volunteers in the Korean war exploits, the self play but you no ground for blame, since hi also on the line, why do we have to pull the Koreans to join your patriotic performance? When you captured the capital of the people, but also to sick people today, speech is full of pride and arrogance, is playing a small tour of South Korean drama, and the bottom line? Koreans are not foolish enough to believe that when the volunteer army captured Seoul (now Seoul) in the "liberation" of them in South Koreans: that is the capital of his country by foreign "invaders". Although the year of volunteers in Seoul are not disciplined, burning and looting, but some opposite values than the burning and looting that this is a violation of the Korean people’s occupation intention. On the other hand, if Japanese took a piece of advertising, content is this: a nine year old Japanese man to travel to Nanjing, China guide ebullience bow, welcome everyone to come to Nanjing for the first time, and this group of elderly people in Japan are excited with a trembling voice, said: we more than and 70 years ago! Chinese was also called china! I was in the 16 division of service! We were holding the sun in Nanjing! Chinese people see such a plot, the mood will be good? The ancients said: "do unto others", the eight words for the publicity director and planning, is a good zhui! Read my comments on micro-blog, and some friends confidently said: small Japan absolutely no guts to take such a!相关的主题文章: