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Travel-and-Leisure Glasgow weather conditions can play havoc with even the best-laid plans and there are days when heavy snowfall cause potential chaos for the pedestrians. There are times even when the weather man has made a folly, and you are standing on the road with rain slashing against you. In these conditions, waiting endlessly for the eternally late bus and wishing for a taxi, which is nowhere near, might make any person lose his patience. After such experiences, it is only natural any sane person would take a resolution to get a car and learn driving quickly. Driving lessons Glasgow West End can be the perfect answer to put wings to your dream of driving a car. Driving your own car to your workplace will reduce the strain and hustle and bustle of bus and taxi rides. There are good driving schools that can make you a licensed motorist by giving you valuable lessons on car control. These schools at Glasgow offer a wide range of lessons and courses for example, Standard Driving Lessons, Intensive Driving Lessons, Refresher Driving Lessons, Motorway Driving Lessons and Pass Plus Courses. But before starting your driving lessons, you need to obtain a provisional driving license. This includes passing the Theory test, which comprises of a questionnaire with multiple choices and also a hazard perception test. Learner drivers should pass both parts, only then can they get through the theory test. Hazard perception test consists of fourteen one-minute video clips and the student has to click when he recognizes a developing hazard. A student is declared pass when he scores 44 out of 75 marks. Show me, tell me driving test questions are also a part of the initial test and it deals with questions about basic car maintenance and safety. Practical driving test lasts about forty minutes and the questions consist about various road and traffic conditions. Once you start your lessons, driving instructors guide you through all aspects of driving and provide high quality structured driving lessons. At the end of the day however, the only way the popularity of any driving school grows is when the past students give positive reviews. Therefore driving schools at Glasgow try to build a solid reputation by tailoring the classes according to individual needs and abilities. They provide the learners with the best possible service. In most driving schools, Driving Lessons Glasgow West End are affordable and the fee is set according to the conventions and norms instead of making it too exorbitant. But this does not have any effect on the services provided as they strive to consistently maintain the quality to utmost standards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: