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Eason Chan’s new single "I DO" Mandarin online incarnation of Eason Chan Venus "I DO" brand new Mandarin song lyrics in Eason Chan Eason Chan "I" Lin Yiyunwen DO Sina entertainment Eason Chan [micro-blog] (Eason) launched a new single "I DO" in Mandarin, music by famous Hongkong singer songwriter Zhou Guoxian, longtime partner C.Y.Kong producer arranger, special by Eason in Mandarin lyrics, create warm hearts sweet melody. Simple and simple emotional sketch, by the four seasons of the changing man’s mind, the most common, the greatest declaration of love. The lyrics are more subtle echo Eason classic song "your backpack", no longer hesitate to love, wrote: "to regain the regret of that year, no longer let me go slowly." This Eason emotional interpretation is different from the past, from the beginning of a very upset, and panic and happy mood, determined to willing to bear the burden of sweet life the biggest man truly deduces constancy and trust in love. MV Eason invited the old team award for director Chen Yingzhi surgeon, he played a record, to witness the love eternal fantasy Museum photographer, regardless of the passage of time does not return, the only change is the eternal love songs convey, the words "I Do I do" appears to be simple, but can withstand the invisible power of infinite. Mark mark is witness the faithful love, on behalf of the promise of life. (Lin Wen Wen)相关的主题文章: