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Outdoors We are a specialist East African safari company and far more than a colourful website whose employees are able to distinguish Arusha from the Antigua on a map. We are African destination specialists, and by booking with us you get to tap into our inordinate amount of knowledge, experience and some of the most competitive rates in the industrry. Here are a couple of the key players in our team: Carel Verhoef Carel Verhoef grew up in the Kruger National Park in South Africa where his family is known for groundbreaking wildlife conservation work. Carel got his knowledge and passion for the African bush from an early age and his vast experiences ranges from archaeological excavations and wildlife conservation to the guiding of bush treks and photographic wildlife safaris. Between 2001 and 2007, Carel guided and operated throughout East Africa as an Tanzania safari tour operator, and has personally made it his quest to "drive every road in Tanzania and Kenya", creating a truly unique first hand understanding of this destination. With his passion and drive, Carel heads-up Safari 365 and his enthusiasm is infectious to the clients he deals with and the safaris he helps create. Marcus Brain Born and bred in South Africa, Marcus completed his schooling in Cape Town and went on to finish honours degrees in both Marketing and Finance at the University of Cape Town. With a passion for all Africa offers, the decision to start an East African safari company was an obvious one. He considers himself privileged to be involved in a business such as Safari 365. It operates in a landscape that merges the best of technology and tourism, and enables the internet to share Africa to the world, whilst driving much needed foreign currency into the region and supporting varios conservation efforts. Marcus also owns South Africa 365 a specialist destination travel company focusing on South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Victoria Falls, Zambia and Mozambique. To read more about us as a travel company click here to follow us on Facebook. Janine Bellis Janine’s passion for Africa and its wild life began at the young age. Whilst living in Zambia, by the time she was 6 years old she was assisting bottle feeding orpahned elephant calves and taking family holidays to the Kafue National Park. Later, the family moved to live in South Africa where she spent her early teens before finishing her schooling in Britain. By then Africa was under her skin and it was only natural that she studied travel and tourism and began a career specialising in selling Africa as a destination. She has an extraordinary level of knowledge in African tourism, as varied as overland tours to the most luxurious tailormade itineraries. She has made it her mission to explore the wilderness regions of the African Continent, and this has taken her through the desert landscapes of Namibia, the waterways of Botswana, walking safaris in Zambia, the true wilderness regions of Northern Mozambique, diving in the Qurribas Islands, witnessing the Wildebeest Migration in the world famous parks in Kenya and Tanzania and gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Janine lives in the mother city of Cape Town and adds great experience and depth to the Safari365 team. She looks forward to sharing this experience and assisting in planning your safari in Africa. Lawrence Jumba Born and raised in Kenya, Lawrence completed his schooling in Uganda before moving to the United States to complete his studies and start his career. With a BS in Computer Science Engineering and an Masters of Business Administration from Northwestern Polytechnic University, Lawrence certainly has all of the credentials in place to run a seamless accounting department. Lawrence is fluent in English and Swahili, and is a great go-between for our East African suppliers. Lawrence is integral to ensuring the smooth running of your safari, ensuring balances are captured on time from clients and suppliers are paid on time. Weekends are spent either swimming or biking in beautiful Cape Town. Nikolai Tjongarero Born and raised in Namibia, Nikolai travelled the length and breadth the country from a young age. After completing his high-school education, Nikolai moved to Cape Town in order to commence his studies in International Business Administration and instantly fell in love with the vibrant city. Nikolai is in charge of maintaining a prominent internet presence and updating travel product online for informative communication with our clientele. He dreams of Africa and continually enhances his knowledge of the destination and spends much of his time researching getaways across the continent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: