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Attraction Feeling good is a necessity in manifesting your desires. It is the key to manifesting your desires because when you feel good most of the time, or when you think of what you want, you are exerting a powerful vibrational frequency to the universe as if commanding it to manifest your desires into your reality. Here is a more in depth info about manifesting your desires: Attracting Abundance Blueprint One way to keep feeling good is to stay healthy. Your body needs to be in good condition for you to be able to feel good because if you are unhealthy, it will make you feel uncomfortable and susceptible to a lot of diseases. I know a lot of people know how to keep their bodies healthy and Im going to present facts that might not be new to you, but Im also going to throw in some new information that not a lot of people know about. Eat the Right Foods A lot of diseases right now are caused by eating unhealthy foods. Some of the foods that are available at the market or the ingredients that are added to them are intentionally manufactured to make you sick. Staying away from these things will help you maintain a healthier body and a sense of well-being. 1. Organic vs. Processed Foods If you want to stay healthy, eat things that are as close to nature as possible. Choose organic foods over processed foods like bacon, hotdogs, and canned goods. Processed foods contain a lot of preservatives and those preservatives are made of different chemicals, MSG for example, which are specifically made to block your ability to send vibrational frequencies to the universe. Interesting, huh? Always go for organic stuff. They are the best because they are the closest to nature, which makes them really healthy. 2. Pesticides has Adverse Effects on Your Health Fruits and vegetables, at least in American farms, are bombarded with pesticides that makes them unfit for human consumption. Mostly, the effects of these pesticides are not immediately felt, which is why they almost always go unnoticed. This is another reason why I am pointing out that organic stuff is the best choice. You wouldnt want yourself, your children, and your loved ones eating harmful stuff like fruits and veggies bombarded with pesticides, right? Take Care of Your Body 1. Protect Your Body from Harmful Energies Everyday, we are bombarded with harmful frequencies from mobile phones and other wireless devices. Our brain is both a transmitter and receiver of vibrational frequencies, so these other frequencies may affect the quality of vibrational frequency that you send out to the universe. Kevin Trudeau promotes a certain device that purports to fend off harmful frequencies. There are a lot of these stuff available right now, but be careful in choosing one because some of them tend to do more harm rather than help you stay healthy. The last thing you can do (which I think most of you will disagree) is to totally get rid of things that exude those harmful frequencies. That would mean never using your cellphone or your wi-fi-capable laptop ever again. 2. Exercise Performing exercise daily will not only keep your body healthy but will also promote a healthy state of mind as well. When you are depressed, the doctor will prescribe certain anti-depressant medications which have harmful side-effects. These thing are actually unnecessary because one of the best natural ways to cure depression is to take a long walk in the sun. Believe me or not, this is one of the best natural ways to cure depression. Exercising daily will help you maintain a healthy physique. Performing exercise can even be euphoric to some people. They take pleasure in exercise, which is a good thing. Do everything you can to feel good all the time. Stay healthy to feel healthy. 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