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The eight year old "with" paralysis patients   somatization disorder; experts: 60% elderly patients need to "mind" — Hubei Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Wuhan on 8 October, the body repeatedly appeared some symptoms, but not check reason; feeling ", the diagnosis result is regarded as hopeless." not so serious. Most of this is the case of the elderly, and the number increased year by year, experts said that 60% of elderly patients with this condition, and diagnosed as somatization disorder of the disease, we must first cure heart disease. October 9th is the Double Ninth Festival, the 82 year old Dong Diedie was going to the hospital. 4 years ago, he began to dizziness and headache pain, like acupuncture, bouts of pain, night sleep, big and small hospitals had not run under ten, check out the reason, can only eat painkillers and sleeping pills to ease the pain. Half a year ago Dong dad suddenly unbearable pain paralyzed in bed, the hospital examination showed lumbar disc herniation is usually not serious, but to walk, but he felt the leg touches the ground unbearable pain, there is no way to stand up. The 8 day, Dong Diedie came to Hubei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital Department of geriatrics hospital, Professor of the Department of Liu Jinjin of vice director of admissions after careful inquiry learned that Dong daddy’s wife died 5 years ago, a pair of children married, because the work is busy, far away, every year only the holidays come back to visit the elderly. Dong Diedie has no hobbies, like to watch TV at home on weekdays. 4 years ago unexplained dizziness headache, the children are very worried, accompanied him everywhere to see a doctor, but the effect is not obvious, and now the children are tired, and not so concerned about. Liu Jinjin ruled out the organic diseases, consider Dong daddy is suffering from "somatization disorder" of mental illness. "Somatization disorder" is not an incurable disease, or mental illness, but a kind of psychological disease. Although these patients have a certain body disease, but the patient can not feel the pain of a disease to explain, often in the description of their illness when there is a tendency to exaggerate. Liu Jinjin introduction, there are 60% elderly patients with this problem, most of them because of anxiety or depression in the heart, transformed into a physical symptoms, performance was serious but can not find the reason. If you want to cure the disease, first of all, to cure the heart". The family should be more concerned about the patient, but also through the cultivation of hobbies, proper exercise, fitness, travel and other means to enrich life, relax. If the symptoms still can not be alleviated, to find a doctor in a timely manner to the hospital for symptomatic treatment. (Hu Mengwan Ling Xiang) (Zhang Juan, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan)相关的主题文章: