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Hit the bank card was fraudulent "do to let banks lose money in real life, the bank card stolen brush one thing happened frequently, wit recovered money, but some people can only pay their own, it all depends on your evidence. In the previous cases, the court in the determination of such cases, mainly through the determination of spatial and temporal distance. When the bank card stolen brush, the cardholder shall immediately bank card transaction to the nearest ATM machine, ATM machine and keep the receipt, this is important evidence to prove the cardholder card is not from the body. July 2012, a bank in Jiangsu, Kunshan, apply for a debit card, until June 2014 was found, the card has been more than half a month ago in different places were taken 4 times the amount of a total of $17070. During the trial, Gu submitted a debit card, including the original proof of the unit and other evidence to prove that he did not leave the city during the debit card credit spending, while the debit card is not lost. Kunshan court believes that the 4 pen on the grounds of a different consumer dissent, and can submit a debit card original proof card is not lost, the bank should prove the authenticity of the objection to consumption. In this case the evidence is not sufficient to identify the authenticity of the 4 transactions, banks lack of basis. The court ordered the bank to pay the deposit and the corresponding interest gumou. The judge reminded the first time to the issuing bank: avoid fraudulent telephone report further losses to bank card into the ATM operation (local access query, etc.): fixed electronic evidence of bank card and I together, occurs when fraudulent bank card and I were at home, could not the same time in different places the consumer credit card in a timely manner to the public security organs, detailing the stolen brush case, keep alarm receipt: proof of bank card by its safekeeping, non fraudulent consumer I quickly contact with someone’s Bank, take the initiative to communicate the follow-up compensation for banks not strong attitude full compensation, depositors should dare to pick up the legal weapons to say "no". (Tianfuzaobao)相关的主题文章: