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Even the provincial department level billion big a problem where the ecological – Sohu news the same province billions of dollars of corruption officials, both have ministerial, departmental level, and level. Corruption grim, eye-opening people. Hebei provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary General Jing Chunhua, was accused of illegally accepting other people to give about 60000000 of the property, and the other property can not explain the source of about 86000000, add up to nearly $150 million. The original Chengde Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Li Gang, was seized the money in cash 1 million yuan; Hebei financial investment group chairman Li Lingcheng eighteen is still not close hand, involving more than 2 hundred million. The small arch corrupt official, former general manager of Beidaihe water supply company, 120 million cash, 68 homes, 37 kilograms of gold was found in the house. The Commission feature film "forever on the road" shows a profound truth, a local political ecology is a problem, party leaders to blame. When he was party secretary of Hebei Zhou Benshun not only publicly released anti-corruption work to put off, slow speech, or even directly interfere with the work of the Commission — a party secretary should have been arrested early, but has been dragging not catch, the Commission urged to grasp, there are several municipal leaders, department level leadership have should grasp, in the end I did not get the so-called grasp. Provincial Party Secretary to take the lead to corruption, interference handling, the leading cadres wantonly bribery, complicated and difficult to deal with, in such a complex situation, to fulfill its oversight responsibilities Commission for Discipline Inspection, how breaking it? Chen Chaoying, Secretary of the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the film debut. In August 2014, he transferred from Liaoning to work in Hebei. Prior to this, he did not have a lot of discipline inspection work experience, is selected from outside the system. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found that in just two years, Hebei’s anti-corruption results is very prominent: the provincial Party committee team, took the Secretary Zhou Benshun, Secretary Jing Chunhua, Secretary Liang Bin and the organization committee secretary Zhang Yue in 2015; the supervision and inspection covering the whole province, found that the wire cable is 3.2 times that of 2014; in addition, as mentioned above a number of officials have also been dealt with giant rot. In the central inspection team released a list of problems, Hebei accused of small official giant rot". According to the inspection feedback, the province launched a special treatment. Chen Chaoying said that the action carried out a year, filing nearly ten thousand, investigated and dealt with more than 6 thousand people, over 10 million of the population of 31. A buddy will ask, first Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and in the face of heavy interference, his team is how to deal with such cases? This can not help but mention the central anti-corruption system design. In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed the discipline inspection and supervision system reform direction, which has three bright spots worth noting: one is to strengthen the discipline inspection at all levels of Party committees in particular members of the Standing Committee supervision; two is to strengthen leadership subordinate superiors Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, investigating corruption cases over the leadership of the main level discipline clues disposal of cases investigated and must report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection at at the same time to Party committees to report; three is the Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Committee at all levels, the nomination and inspection discipline in conjunction with the organization department. These three,.相关的主题文章: