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Ex girlfriend Zhang Tielin admit was kidnapped in a car accident caused 9 disability illegitimate child mother Ms. Zhang Tielin sued Zi according to JINGWAH Times reported, said Zhang Tielin directs others robbed son Zhang Yang (a pseudonym), the mother of 7 years can not meet, the 34 year old Ms. Zi petitioned the court Zhang Tielin Chaoyang returned to the son, and the compensation for mental distress gold 600 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the children with MS Zhang Tielin cohabitation Zi custody disputes in a Jiuxianqiao court public hearing, the more than and 80 year old mother Zhang Tielin to testify in court, and their son Zhang Yang (a pseudonym) did not appear in court. Zhang Tielin appeared with his ex girlfriend Ms. Zi appeared together court and Zhang Tielin’s ex girlfriend Ms. hou. In July 6, 2015, Ms. Hou Zi filed a joint lawsuit with MS: a case is Ms. Hou daughter Zhang Liang (a pseudonym) alimony 800 yuan, to the father of Zhang Tielin v. the day before, Chaoyang Court decided that Zhang Tielin and Zhang Liang’s relationship between father and daughter, and sentenced Zhang Tielin Zhang Liang to pay alimony 198 yuan; another case is Zi Ms. Zhang Yang to Zhang Tielin for custody. The woman called Zhang Zi robbed son lady v.says, in September 2000, she was admitted to the Guangdong College of clothing. In January 2001, an acquaintance with Zhang Tielin to take care of himself, at that time, Zhang Tielin was a lecturer at Jinan University in Guangdong. Zhang Tielin often calls her on a date and promises to marry her. In April 2002, Ms. Zi was pregnant, Zhang Tielin insisted that Ms. Zi gave birth to the child to finish school. In December 2002, Ms. Zhang Yang Zi gave birth to children, always with his mother in his hometown of Yulin or Beijing rental housing. In the meantime, Zhang Tielin only had 3 years rent Zi ms.. In August 25, 2009, Zhang Tielin directs others will be forced to kidnap her and the children will push off the wilderness, she took the kids. In mid September 2009, Ms. Zhang Tielin’s Beijing Zi to find a child, a car accident caused 9 disability. Due to the need of hospital treatment and psychological fear, Zi had to interrupt for ms.. Zi said that she repeatedly begged Zhang Tielin to see the child, but the other side. Ms. Zi petitioned the court to order Zhang Tielin Zhang Yang to his support, and compensation for mental damages solatium 600 thousand yuan. The case will be scheduled before the hearing according to informed sources, Ms. Zi mastered a number of evidence, such as photographs, recordings, Zhang Tielin directs others kidnapping, successfully won the sub report records, Ms. Zi to Beijing to find son suffered a car accident knocked into nine disability records and Chaoyang Court judgment, for no woman injured during Zi when the door opened and Zhang Tielin assistant telephone recording etc.. At noon yesterday at 12:20 PM, Zi’s lawyers out of the court, Zhang Tielin said a very tough attitude, Zhang Tielin’s mother said they testify in raising children. Zhang Tielin moral corruption, there is no fixed partner, repeatedly do false endorsements for advertising, has been more than and 60 years old is not suitable for children." Zi said ms.. It is understood that, because there are still some facts need to be identified, the case will be hearing again. Related news: two case Zhang Tielin illegitimate child ren Xia Yuhe appeared in Lafayette Court (Figure) Zhang Tielin was known to the audience the Beijing News News in September 30 starred in "Princess" in the emperor.相关的主题文章: