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Facebook is a brush on the explosion of the cartoon, deeply poked in the pain point of Chinese families – Sohu education we become what kind of person, what kind of way, mostly depends on our childhood. There is no doubt that parents and children play the most important role in childhood, for each person has both happiness and pain points. Recently, there was a group of cartoons on the Facebook that were maxed out! Maybe you have experienced it. If your child is always bothering you, it’s because you are lacking in physical contact and lack of intimacy. If your child is lying, it means you’ve been overreacting to his mistakes. If your child lacks confidence, it’s because you’re giving them more encouragement. If your child can’t hold on to himself, it’s because they used to educate and criticize them when they were young. If you buy something for them, they will take what they don’t belong to because you don’t let them choose what they want. If your child is weak, it’s because you’re helping them too fast. Don’t help your child clean up every obstacle in their path of growth. If your child is very jealous, it’s probably because you always take the children and their comparison. If your child gets angry easily, it’s because you don’t give enough credit to them, they can only get attention when they are not doing it properly. If your child does not respect the feelings of others, it is because you always command them, do not respect their feelings. If your child is always secretive and doesn’t tell you anything, it’s because you always love them. If your child is always rude and impolite, it is learned from parents or people around him. Whether it is now as a parent or you will be the future of our parents, I hope to see these cartoons can give everyone some inspiration, do not become the child’s eyes Bad Parents! Extended reading: a family education form, very valuable, greatly discerning and apprehending. Thinking determines the fate of thinking determines the mentality, thinking determines the way of education, thinking affects the child’s future. Positive thinking is easy to cultivate children with positive thinking, negative thinking is easy to create negative thinking children. Let’s take a look at the difference between negative and positive thinking mode of people. 1 ways of thinking about family. The negative person positive people had to make efforts to run my life is not good I must improve myself by change the fate of the family I have the wrong person. Am I wrong if I educated younger I was very young I was not high I will learn if my husband (wife) is…… Happiness is to rely on their own peace of mind is that everything is not going all the way相关的主题文章: