Fish bone soup, a small fire slow cooker and its Sohu running man 20130908


Fish bone soup, a small fire slow cooker taste – this is a Sohu and son began to drink the soup. Home spread: let the children grow tall, long sturdy, usually use more fish stew bone holding this high purpose, I also did not give the child the pot soup squid, also known as fish, squid ink. Dried squid is delicious, nutritious, high medicinal value. Dried cuttlefish contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals; dried cuttlefish with Yang, nourishing blood and tonifying kidney, invigorating health Qi effect; female, in the pregnancy, the milk consumption, are very useful, can be nourishing, menstruation and tocolysis, production, hemostasis, and prolactin etc.. I don’t know what folk prescription for the rest of the child’s height diet, but at least we are here, almost all of the family is the child to drink this soup to grow up, we this generation of parents is not too high, but the children of this generation, the boy almost 175 centimeters above the highest speed 2 meters, and our family Xiaoyu at the age of 16, 183 cm. Fish soup and porridge with full flavor, but also let the children more appetite, then add some white radish, assorted mushrooms like congee soup in continue, it is suitable for the whole family to enjoy a good soup, a pot of winter to eat nutrition and comfortable. Material: pig bone (I bought the meat with bones is not pure HA) accessories: a piece of fish dry ginger Geranium a seasoning: salt a little vinegar pepper a few drops of practice: 1, pig bone into the cold water over boiled hot wash after 2, three use scissors thick strips then soak for half an hour, more than 3 spare theprocessed material into 11 electric cooker in 4, adding an appropriate amount of pure water (note that the highest water content of not more than 5 pot oh), choose soup program, I spent 2.5 hours out of the pot after adding spices, not too early to Kazakhstan tips not salt in the early, otherwise it will affect the meat protein causes meat too hard a few drops of vinegar can be best greasy, also can make the calcium better absorbed by the human body相关的主题文章: