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Fu Haifeng: 14 years after retiring   not coming back to Fu Haifeng Guangdong team — people.com.cn Hainan Channel – people.com.cn 33 year old man in Guangdong is the only Olympic badminton champion. In the four Olympic Games, he harvested a total of two gold and one silver, is also the world badminton Olympic Games only won the gold medal in the men’s doubles players. The Danish open after Fu Haifeng was elected to the national team to participate in the first international match, he told reporters that this is their last estimate to the identity of athletes set foot in Odense. "I’m going to retire at the end of the year in Dubai, I really can’t play." 20 years ago from Huilai began to move to the world badminton hall of the highest he, but repeatedly stressed after retirement will not return to the native of Guangdong, the reason seems to be not just a "downhearted" can be summed up. 14 years passed from Denmark to the world, say, you are the first journalist I know." In the Danish open this year, the Chinese team to stay on the 1st Hotel, Fu Haifeng and our reporter conducted an interview for more than an hour, retired soon, he has always been a little less than a lot of words. In May 2002, China team held in Guangzhou on the Thomas cup soup cup missed the semi-finals -, in August of the same year, the coach with the most outstanding TSF doubles players gathered in Fuzhou, his task is to change this weakness". The reporter knew at that time still unknown teenager Fu Haifeng during an interview with the training, he had been in the Guangdong team, won the men’s doubles runner up at the National Championships because on the selected training. Later, Fu Haifeng picked TSF from Jiangsu and Cai Yun partner, "combination" has become Chinese since entering the new century the team honors a pair of men’s doubles combination, their achievements include winning four World Championships, the Thomas Cup title five is the main force, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men’s doubles silver medal and the 2012 London Olympic Games men’s doubles gold medal. Storm combination did not join hands with the Rio Olympic games. Fu Haifeng in the Rio Olympic cycle partner changed in the mixed doubles arena has grand slam Zhang Nan. In August this year, the Rio Olympic Badminton Men’s doubles final, Fu Haifeng Zhang Nan China delegation won twenty-first gold, this is his personal career in the second Olympic gold medal in the men’s doubles. From Rio after the triumph, Fu Haifeng put off for a month to their own, in addition to attending the meeting as well as the summary of celebration activities, he finally got the chance to Hainan with his family to relax for a few days. The Danish open was Fu Haifeng’s first international competition after the Olympics, and this time his partner was replaced by Xu Chen. Fu Haifeng Xu Chen stop doubles second round, they lost to the host star Bowie morgensen. Due to continue to participate in the French Open next week in Paris, Fu Haifeng these days to stay in Odense training, after lunch free time, he went to the store next to his son to buy toys and clothes. Odense city is a commercial street, Fu Haifeng on here too familiar, "the first international match I was the 2002 Danish open, after so many years, is the time to say goodbye." For the opportunity to appear for Guangdong sister)相关的主题文章: