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Fu Keji cadres retirement four years for more than 400 million Beijing Tibet bathroom ceiling – recently, the Yantai municipal procuratorate disclosed together fly greedy case — somewhere in Yantai City Housing Bureau of the original village office director Zhang Ping used his position to facilitate the embezzlement, accepting bribes case. Zhang Ping although only a cadre, but in retirement corruption desire to grow with each passing day he used his office, embezzlement, accepting bribes of up to millions of dollars. September 23, 2015, Zhang Ping was arrested on suspicion of corruption. September 1, 2016, according to the Yantai municipal procuratorate prosecution of Zhang Ping, the case is being further processed. Qilu Evening News reporter Zhang Qi correspondent Chang Hongbo small department head Zhang Ping spend his childhood barony master studying hard, and become the number of rural students. After graduating from college, Zhang Ping went to the city of Yantai urban construction system. After work, Zhang Ping has been dedicated to work soon, has been recognized by everyone. At the end of last century, Zhang Ping began to serve as an area of Yantai city urban construction department under the village office building (hereinafter referred to as "the village office) director, and appointing, concurrently in Yantai City Rural Construction Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the" service center ") director. Work hard, serious and responsible Zhang Ping walk on the peak of my career. Relevant data show that the village office building was founded in 1997, is the independent institutions, for the budget unit level, people, wealth, independence, is mainly responsible for the organization, guidance and supervision of the local town planning preparation, approval, to assist the government of the town planning for review, organization and coordination of planning, construction and management. The construction of villages and towns under the jurisdiction of the office service center, founded in 1994, the center provides technical services for the construction of the village planning, responsible for planning, design, surveying, engineering surveying and other services, is the village construction execution units. The implementation of independent operation, independent accounting, self financing, began operating in 1998, and construction of the village office shareone office staff, mixed use, a candidate for the two brands, two sets of accounts. The prosecution investigators, as the town office of the higher authorities — Housing Construction Bureau, usually only regulation towns do business work, do the rural financial work is by the Bureau of housing finance department quarterly audit and audit report form, usually do not. That is to say, the usual towns do financial work is accounted for separately, like a "barony". Two hats of Zhang Ping is the two unit leaders, do not need to spend to the housing construction bureau signed your reimbursement, you can call the shots. Want to find yourself a way out nearly retired greed play near retirement, but Zhang Ping’s corrupt desires grow with each passing day he began looking for a way out for oneself, "". The service center is the nature of the enterprise, the large volume of business, people usually work in the operation, often put some surveying and planning business contract to institutions and personnel in the community to do business, and those who do so, as number one Zhang Ping has absolute discretion. According to the work arrangement.相关的主题文章: