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Fujian Yongtai "single school" school knowledge: lonely from culture people.com.cn original title: Fujian Yongtai "single school" School of knowledge: the lonely from a teacher, Fujian Yongtai red Tin Heung a child He Xi primary school, with a strict in demands of the flag raising ceremony ushered in the first day of the new year school. Lotus Village is located in the village with the depths of the mountains, a total of 425 people, mostly minority residents. Although the village is small, but there is a "Wuzangjuquan" Dutch Creek Primary school. And other primary schools is not the same, this is a "single school", a teacher, a two grade primary school students, is the school’s teachers and students. Teacher Cheng Guiying has come to this village elementary school for nearly 20 years. The photo she posted a dozen she and every class in the classroom: "a few years ago, there are a dozen kids in school, along with this several years more and more villagers go out to work, stay in the village school age children are getting fewer and fewer, this two or three years of teaching have only one or two children." Cheng Guiying said. At 7:45 in the morning, only one student, Lei Xiubin, came to school early in the morning. Because their parents work, grandparents pick inconvenient, advanced in age, the family decided to take her from outside the school to the primary school in the village, convenient to take care of. Although this is a "mini primary school", but the opening ceremony was still full of sound and colour. Yesterday, Cheng Guiying also deliberately go to town to buy a new five-star red flag, borrowed speakers, teachers and students two people held a solemn flag raising ceremony, the National Anthem echoed in numerous mountains. The "autumn scenery, cenglinjinran." After the flag raising ceremony, the first class of the new school year began. Cheng Guiying wrote the text on the blackboard, with Lei Xiubin read every single word or phrase. Lang Lang’s voice sounded in the campus. The same reading sound in dozens of kilometers of the Yongtai Ge Zhen Dongsheng primary school ring. Schubert is a 58 year old pupils in the second grade teachers under the leadership of Wu Lixing calligraphy stroke. The big classroom, put a desk is open, but the side of the shelf, basketball, volleyball, rope skipping, shuttlecock, globe, books and other various teaching materials Goods are available in all varieties. More than 1 thousand and 600 people in the village, migrant workers, the villagers are doing business to take the children to the county and other places to study, the village students naturally less and less." Another 3 years to retire, Wu Lixing told reporters, as long as I am teaching at this point, it is necessary to ensure that I can teach every child, so that they grow up healthy." Yongtai red tin center primary school principal Huang Dacan said, last semester the township has 3 rural teaching points, because there is no xinshengyuan, to the new semester only He Xi primary school a teaching point. "Before the merger of teaching, we will let the teacher home visits from door to door in the village, to ensure that no one school-age children were missing, the teacher will leave." Yongtai Ge Ling Center Primary School Principals Cai Pintuan said, in the teaching, the teacher only need a multitasker, is a teacher, responsible for teaching children in Chinese, mathematics, music and other subjects, and security, even as a nanny, part-time Chef)相关的主题文章: