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Germany is not a born beauty "," Chinese artisan spirit "where is the way? The 2016 Pujiang cultural innovation forum forum guests view excerpts. Think twice sent on the scene – Sohu Technology Innovation Forum 2016 Pujiang Cultural Forum in the afternoon of 25 Dongjiao State Guest Hotel held, China academician, Academy of engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology President Li Peigen Furlong Hoff, German society system and Innovation Institute researcher Rainer Frietsch, faculty member, China Academy of Social Sciences researcher Jin Bei, Shanghai Volkswagen Co.Ltd the engine factory maintenance department senior manager, Party branch secretary Xu Xiaoping, the British Arts and Humanities Research Council Chief Executive Andrew Thompson and other guests were keynote speech. "Think twice" to use the scene to extract the contents of the speech presentation to the content of the meeting (according to the order of speech). Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the rational value of innovation, the value of innovation, the core of good, freedom and ethics. To be a good person is to use technology and creativity on the basis of human needs. Truly meaningful innovation, such as the 2012 cup imagine Award for smart sign language gloves, as the focus of the needs of vulnerable groups in life, rather than purely for innovation and innovation. Innovative values can not forget freedom. We must remain vigilant against possible authority and authority in the development of technology, and avoid innovation as a tool against humanity. We should pay more attention to the value of innovation and technology ethics, in the field of biological technology and artificial intelligence technology, the possible impact has caused Hocking, musk and other scientific celebrity attention, it can be expected that the development of science and technology in the future will face more humane torture. Chinese needs a more open view of innovation in China now puts more emphasis on the great demand of innovation for national reality, in fact, a lot of great innovation and is the top, imagine, virtual demand together. Imagined needs often lead to real needs, and the development of personal computers is an example. There is a fan of Science in the United States of California "space town", ten years as one day to explore the space industry, no matter how the differences between the reality, this is a great thing, at present stage of the limit, from official to private, future demand for the imagination and attention are more limited, this is a big problem. We want to encourage innovators to get dry no restrictions of any kind. To make innovation innovation and freedom organization combined with each other, the two can not be neglected. Exercise ingenuity to play "static" power of ingenuity "goodness" means that the quality of life of subtle attention. Japanese companies DNK chairman said a famous saying: the skills and ingenuity in the most advanced technology. Our country is now very lively and vigorous innovation, but I hope that the government or individuals, to understand the power of static. It’s hard for us to be quiet, so it’s hard for us to be quiet, and it’s hard for us to have a great innovation. If we take the innovation as the sky we are allowed under the best way of life 6相关的主题文章: