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"Gladiator" after the success of the Hollywood epic film rarely dead? "Pharaoh and gods" stills Tencent entertainment news (text toot) based on the novel epic "adaptation of Binnn" (Ben-Hur), was released just suffered a heavy blow, the film’s first weekend grossed only $11 million 200 thousand in the United States, this weekend’s ranking only ranked sixth. Don’t say a repeat of 1959 edition of "Binnn" having 11 Oscar brilliant, this film can recoup the cost has been thankfully, and in more than ten years ago, such as the 1995 "brave heart" Braveheart "Gladiator") and 2000 (Gladiator), but this epic ticket room and Oscar security. Hollywood epic film is divided into two kinds, one is based on biblical epic film, another is chasing the box office, the plot is simple old commercial epic movie. There is no doubt that "Binnn" is the Bible theme of the epic film, this genre originated in 1917 DW· Griffith’s "intolerance" (Intolerance), then the number of the Bible theme of the epic movie started to increase, including the 1934 "Paleis Het Loo" (The Sign of the the Cross), and 1938 the "Adventures of Robinhood" (The Adventures of Robin Hood) and so on. Nearly a century later, Hollywood has renewed interest in Biblical stories, especially in the 2004 Passion Jesus the (The of Christ), a popular global. Mel · directed by the film production costs only $30 million, but the final global box office up to $612 million. Thus, the whole Hollywood began to pay attention to similar themes of the film. Since 2010, the Hollywood is in the past two years, launched the three related to the biblical story of the epic movie, the first is the 2014 "Noah’s Ark" (Noah), and then the Pharaoh’s 2014 "(Exodus: Gods and Kings), this film is the director who directed" Gladiator ". Ridley · Scott, actor is the" Batman "Christian · Baer, while the third is released only on the weekend" Binnn ". But now the problem is that the film market has changed in the past 10 years, the epic movie is now very difficult to catch. And now this "Binnn" unpopular, William · Wheeler’s 1959 "Binnn", is often considered one of the greatest films in history. In addition to the biblical epic film, commercial epic films have also had a climax in history. In "brave heart", Mel · Gibson created a classic image, and in 2000 the gladiator, is still considered to be one of the greatest works of the · of the, one of the greatest works of the year, "" the war "," the fighter "in the year of. So!相关的主题文章: