Grilled grilled entertainment entertainment to expose the unspoken rules of sleeping with the top 10


Grilled grilled entertainment entertainment to expose the unspoken rules of sleeping with the top 10 stars – Sohu entertainment or 800 thousand or bed! Grilled steak entertainment to expose the unspoken rule of the 10 actress to accompany sleep all love letters recently, Taiwan artist Liu Roye crying out to the media said the mainland director danmou was forced to accompany sleep, because the other was also thrown against a slap in the face, surnamed Zhao also accused the actress to director had threatened her 2 election 1, if not pay 800 thousand, can only be used for physical role, news exposure caused a great disturbance. The ring is too messy is an indisputable fact, "go to bed after the play" has become the norm, not long ago there industry veteran told the media exposed material, under the age of 35 mainland actress, most have had forced the unspoken rule, but in the face of unspoken rule, some people choose to swallow, some actress he boldly claimed. 10 actress here a love letter to scrabble entertainment to expose the unspoken rule. 1 Liu Leyan female F4 former head of Liu Leyan in May this year, moved to the mainland development, only two months time has met the director, producer a total of 8 people were asked to accompany sleep, while her 3 recordings in the face book Po, in the recording a man claiming to Shi Xiaolei, the role of performance opportunities to Liu Leyan to accompany sleep, even by him call in the hotel room, slap action conversation all exposure limit. 2 actress surnamed Zhao in addition to Liu Leyan’s exposure to its director danmou forced to accompany sleep, surnamed Zhao to explore all star actress also broke the news, in April this year received danmou telephone, asked her to audition for a Hunan TV drama shooting, but danmou had put 2 1, or 800 thousand yuan buy role, or you can only accept the unspoken rule, when she asked danmou "stars are like that?" The other replied, "yes, if it is not the unspoken rules, how to be a woman on the 1st". 3.GOGO sister in July this year, the famous female producer "GOGO sister" to accept the explosion within the circle of unspoken rule all star exploration interview: a famous actress in the film "Jiangnan theme" as the background, the actress often cheongsam show film, in a well-known hotel by the director for a three night dive the rules, and woke up the next door and the downstairs staff. 4 Okamoto summer August 2014, Japanese actress Natsuki Okamoto was a guest of a program to admit: "when I came to Tokyo battles alone, after joining the brokerage company, once received several times a day of unspoken rule, at the same time to accompany sleep four men, revenue reached 200 million yen." These words let the host and guests were shocked. 5 Zhang Yu 2003, mainland actress Zhang Yu suddenly to a number of media broke the news, claiming that she have two tapes and other relevant evidence can prove that director Huang Jianzhong was in front of her face and her female friend "misty" happened in the relationship between men and women, then Huang Jian and Zhang Yu responded that day did eat a meal, but drink two bottles of beer after it was completely confused, don’t remember what happened. 6 Zuo Xiaoqing famous host, actor Zuo Xiaoqing had been early.相关的主题文章: