Guangzhou bus station has been on sale this year’s spring festival ticket pre-sale period of 60 days haywire


Guangzhou bus station has been on sale this year’s spring festival ticket pre-sale period of 60 days Dayang bus passenger transport station of Guangzhou city announced in November 14th, now officially started in 2017 before the spring pre-sale tickets to work within 60 days (including pre-sale offer ticket day ticket inside and outside the province). The majority of visitors in November 14th 0, you can buy bus tickets during the spring of 2017. This is the city bus station in the first sale of tickets during the Spring Festival site, will soon be on sale during the Spring Festival tickets to other passenger station. The passenger station concerned by the public micro signal "Guangzhou station" WeChat tickets, or through the Guangzhou city highway passenger transport online ticketing, telephone booking (86684259), online booking and ticket site and other ways to buy city bus station ticket. Telephone booking by the public, 4 hours in advance to the city bus station ticket window ticket. The reporter learned from the city bus station, the Spring Festival travel peak appeared two weeks before Christmas, is expected by the end of December 2016 and early January 2017 will usher in a hot rush ticket. Recommended to go home for the Spring Festival travelers according to their own needs, pay attention to the pre-sale time, do a good job in advance ticket arrangements to avoid peak travel. City traffic departments to remind the general public, according to the "People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law" provisions of article twenty-first, the majority of passengers active identity papers at the station ticket and security for inspection (a valid certificate corresponding to buy a ticket), booking through the network, WeChat and self-service terminals and other ways to carry passengers ID bus stop for inspection. At the same time, visitors to apply for a refund or change the scene, with the ticket when the identity certificate number or order for. The real name ticketing valid documents include: identity cards, temporary ID card, residence booklet, motor vehicle driving license, certificate of officers, armed police officers and soldiers, cadets card card card, card, military and civilian cadres retired army cadres card, staff card, military retirement certificate, passport, Hong Kong and Macao residents mainland travel permit People’s Republic of China, eep and Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan residents, mainland residents to Taiwan passport and residence permit for foreigners, foreigners entry and exit certificate, certificate, certificate, diplomats consulate certificate, issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs of seafarers foreigners identity, local Public Security Bureau Management Department issued a certificate of loss of passport 24. Liu Ranran, a reporter at the dawn of the reporter, editor in chief,, GDN002相关的主题文章: