Guangzhou University city has been involved damaged manhole repair of the vehicle can safely pass


Guangzhou University city has been involved damaged manhole repair vehicles can safely pass the reporter yesterday visit found that the damaged manhole cover has been repaired. Information Times reporter Zhou Weilong photo information times (reporter Zhou Weilong) in October 27th, the newspaper reported that Chen was driving through the city of Guangzhou University, because of damaged road manhole without any warning, resulting in Mr. Chen’s car tire, after reports of the event triggered concern (see information times October 27th A14 edition). In the event of the day of the interview, the reporter will be reflected to the damaged manhole chief service hotline, reporters yesterday morning received a phone call, said the manhole has been repaired, then reporters rushed to the scene to see someone, previously damaged manhole has been repaired, passing vehicles can pass line. October 26th at 4:30 in the afternoon, reporters call the 12345 government service hotline to reflect the specific situation of the damaged manhole to the staff, then received acceptance information. But 10:30 that evening, the reporter visits the scene found that the damaged manhole surrounding have not set up any warning labels, this time from the reporter to call the government hotline has been in the past 6 hours, the road safety concern. At 9:30 in the morning yesterday, the reporter received a telephone call 12345, reflect the situation has been processed, then reporters rushed to the University of South Sand harbor involved fast (University City exit) Guangzhou University dormitory area at the corner of the scene, after the damage, serious lack of the manhole has been repaired, the manhole cover engraved on the "traffic" four words reporter noted that, passing vehicles and pedestrians can safely pass. At the same time, when the manhole repaired after the news, the victim Mr. Chen is very happy, "I am the two day with the people around said to be careful to go to that place, now finally repaired, people don’t move," it said, although still can not find the claim, but I want to own it can promote the progress of repair damaged manhole, he is still very pleased, "do not know can not be awarded, but repaired is a good thing, I am still very happy." Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: