Guo Degang counterattack against Cao Yunjin tuition fees this design is not good masa-c


Guo Degang Cao Yunjin: the counter tuition of poor design Cao Yunjin, Guo Degang Sina entertainment news the day before, Guo Degang [micro-blog] micro-blog open clean house, accused of "cloud" two game days around, so Cao Yunjin [micro-blog] to 6000 word text back, enumerate a few sins of Guo Degang. 25 am, Guo Degang micro-blog issued a response. The full text is as follows: in the comic’s history, mentoring discord happened a lot. Due to the spread of the network, the impact is not large, but confined to the industry. Moreover, housework is not outside the Yang, as I make so little gold and apprentice firecrackers the lively scene of a great din of drums and pipes, should be unique, thank you applause. One thing, people are very excited, also waiting for my response. Respond to what? This is not a small gold to write ah. In his cultural level, let alone write down these six thousand words, even if read down is not easy. Try to figure out the scene at the time, about one oral, all chimed in, someone entry, collective polish. A composition to respond to this novel if I have exhausted. What people say this situation is a positive response to embarrassment: big or small, if no response is wrong, immediately responded angrily, the default is slow response is deliberately plan. The audience was called to say a few words to say a few words, Navy apprentice is coercion. Life is very difficult, also had to look at light. In response to who? To me? I know it’s fake. To the small gold? He knew it was made up. For the paparazzi? They’re brothers. They planned it together. For the Navy? People are working. The boat to fight money post, as unalterable principles. It is said that this rose to $two a post, also count to 50 Fen swaggering. The internal message, a water company to how much money orders, because the boss is a. Industry conscience, moved my tears down. In addition to these, is to eat melon tea fan fan crowd. Things rotten worms, people must doubt then into slander. This is a good adaptation to the situation. Network violence has to reach the peak of perfection. A group of people in order to scold and scold, there is no bottom line. Good and bad, true and false are not important to them. The key has a point to vent, really good fun. People need to vent in an environment without consequences, we can see how bad life. These talented people, listen to the wind is the rain, really think that the rationale for the arrest of the same, did not bite the mouth also shook his head. Micro-blog review confirmed the good of transmigration, some people do not have evolved to be born. According to saying no response, but Deyunshe groundless talk for twenty years, and the audience is always together. In order to understand a good confession, not too innocent to leave a restore justice. Thousands of years of writing can speak, write a note to the later There is an exchange of calls. It should be. In 2002, Kim beijing. He was selling pirated discs in Tianjin, because he liked to talk to him, and saw mr.. Mr. telling the students can apply for school quyi crosstalk. Once this was later exaggerated for Tian fold, can understand, who has a stronger heart. Later the little red, please show Mr. Tian, the concierge, who estimates)相关的主题文章: