Haikou, Binjiang and other schools will be built in 2020 to eliminate the large class phenomenon 女f4


Haikou Binjiang area will be built by 2020 to eliminate the "large school class" phenomenon in South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou on September 21st news (South China Sea network reporter Xu Jinghan) the morning of September 21st, the Communist Party of Chinese Haikou City Qiongshan District thirteenth congress. Comrade Sun Fen pointed out a work report to the general assembly, adhere to the "double" Qiongshan sharing, enhance the well-being of the people, the common people’s home construction Qiongshan happiness. In accelerating the equalization of public services, will be in Binjiang, road passenger, North officials and other area planning and construction of schools, to 2020 basically eliminate the large class phenomenon. In the "double" and improve the urban and rural civilization report, should always adhere to the "double" people convenience Huimin concept, determined to win the "double" of winning the war, great efforts to solve the problem of the interests of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, let the people share the fruits of reform and development, into a well-off society in an all-round way. In the "double" and improve the urban and rural civilization, improve the level of the fine management, digital city, accelerate the city intelligent management information construction. To improve rural living environment, promoting the construction of rural civilization, and vigorously promote the socialist core values, strengthen the construction of the ideological and moral education of minors, in-depth excavation and promotion of exemplary virtue; promote the institutionalization of volunteering, efforts to guide the formation of civilization, Chongli Zunde to good social fashion. By 2020, the basic elimination of large class phenomenon report that the next five years, to accelerate the equalization of public services. To establish and perfect the mechanism of education funding, the school in the planning and construction of Binjiang road passenger, Bei Guan area, 2020 to basically eliminate the "large class" phenomenon, a new school of special education; strengthen the construction of basic public kindergarten, preschool education popularization of three years. To promote healthy Qiongshan construction, deepening medical and health system, promote grading clinics, improve grassroots medical service mode; strengthen the construction of rural medical team, encourage doctors to practice more to the grassroots. Improve the management level of family planning services, strengthen the comprehensive management of sex at birth, and promote the equalization of basic public health services for the floating population. Do everything possible to increase the income of residents report, to the "double" to improve people’s livelihood, implement and improve policies to support entrepreneurship and employment services, establish and improve the District, town (street), community (neighborhood) three level multi-level employment network, promote community construction experience, the North platform, create 3 to 4 full employment the development of urban community demonstration sites, 60 thousand new jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate at 3%; encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment, promote the transfer of employment of college graduates employment and rural labor employment, strengthen skills training, help employment difficulty. Broaden the channels to increase the wage income of urban and rural residents, property income, operating income and transfer income, so that the majority of the people feel the personal income increased year by year, life improved every year. Full implementation of urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system report, the implementation of the provincial co-ordination of basic pension, basic medical insurance and other policies, the full implementation of pension institutions and institutions.相关的主题文章: