Hainan, a court was sentenced to nine years later when the verdict was served clazziquai


A court in Hainan accused the verdict nine years late response: the sentencing has been served according to the China voice of "peak Evening News" reported yesterday, the media reported that in August 30th this year, Hainan province Ledong Li Autonomous County of the villagers Ji Chun, got a criminal incidental civil lawsuit verdict. But the date of the decision was nine years ago. A verdict, why be late for nine years? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw Ji Chun in Ledong county. Ji Chun said that the spring is the verdict of the plaintiff, but also the victim of criminal cases. After the verdict, 17 years ago, he was savagely beaten. In October 26, 1999, Ji Chun riding a motorcycle in the local Wan Chong Zhen pull villagers Ji Wenxin’s wife, after the return home, met Shay new waving at the roadside. Ji Chun recalled: "I use two wheel motorcycle soliciting was halfway back, pull the man he saw his wife, he stopped my husband hit me. At that time I suspected him of seducing his wife. The first hit me, and then back to his home and then hit it, is the two fight." Ji Chun two months ago to get a copy of the verdict, also confirmed the above statement. One thinks, because Ji Wenxin suspected his wife and the victim Jichun have bad behavior, intentional injury caused Ji Chun injured, Ji Wenxin’s behavior has constituted the crime of intentional injury. Wounded second days, Ji chun to the local police station report. Seven years later, the new Shay jingfangxingju. Ji Chun filed a criminal incidental civil action, the court requested the court sentenced the new compensation for their medical expenses, nursing expenses, such as 100 thousand yuan. Ji Chun’s father said, the court people tell them, 100 thousand yuan compensation request, because there is no relevant documents testify, so the court can not support: "no compensation for medical expenses, nursing expenses that we have, the delays cost. Not a penny to. The lawyer said he gave us 3000 dollars. We don’t agree. The medical cost is so much money. He said no money, that there is no evidence of no medical bills. At that time, when the court said so, so over. I think it’s not fair, because I hit so miserably so heavy, the shoulder bone broken knee bone also folded, how a penny also don’t pay?!" Ji Chun said that after a few years, he continued to ask the judge, but the answer is no evidence, not losing money. Until a year ago, he knew that the court case, is called a "judgment" something for him: "a friend said, you want to go to with him to find the verdict, I did not know where the verdict, I think they played like this the compensation on it, I don’t know what." Ji Chun recalls, then, he repeatedly went to the court asking the verdict in Ledong County, until August 30th this year, after the verdict in the case of 9 years, he finally got a copy of the verdict. However, Ledong County Court yesterday, but given the exact opposite of the Ji chun. Yang Shaoqiang, vice president in charge of criminal case said that in early November 22, 2007, I signed for Ji Chun judgment, and press the handprint on, all these files can be verified. He said: "I forgot this thing, in fact, we are guessing, but served absolute相关的主题文章: