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Han Tongsheng "life" was released today subtraction father female "off" – Sohu entertainment Han Tongsheng Movie Poster Han Tongsheng movie "subtraction of life" "life" with subtraction Wei Daxun Sohu entertainment news today, CO directed by Huang Yan, Ma Lin, Xu Lu, Wei Daxun starring inspirational youth film "subtraction of life" officially released the national audience and. There is a "National Father" name of Han Tongsheng in the film incarnation of Xu Lu’s father, staged a sincere and moving love daughter. Xu Lu is a lovely girl in the play YAN Dan, encountered the same dilemma in life dream’s warm man Wei Daxun, two people staged a warm and inspirational story. Han Tongsheng’s father for fear of hurting her daughter, with her daughter working in his shelter in the bakery Wei Daxun meet, have been exposed character posters, the Han Tongsheng firm eyes gentle eyes to the front, text is "some things we cannot change, but life goes on." In the latest stills, Han Tongsheng wearing a plaid shirt, brown arms backpack, pristine as you look back on the visible father, a traditional trial strong father image gradually clear. Wei Daxun stills holds a white paper bag, what is the father sent YAN Dan emergency money or other, only to find the answer in the film. Han Tong was born shortly before the end of the film shooting, he starred in the last two months of 2016 in the drama "the story of the office" will launch a new round of the tour, and will see him around the audience with a lot of energy return on the stage, looking forward to the National Father on the big screen and the stage will bring to the audience more surprise.相关的主题文章: