Hangxinjing highway Quzhou section opened on 30 oboni


Hangxinjing highway Quzhou section 30 opened on November 26th from the reporter Hangxinjing Expressway in Quzhou section of the controlling party Transportation Investment Group Company Limited was informed that the Hangxinjing Expressway Quzhou section will be opened on the morning of November 30th, the planning for the construction of more than 10 years, finally from the plan into a thoroughfare highway, will become the second highway connecting Zhejiang channel and Jiangxi. Hangxinjing speed is the main road west of Hangzhou. About 10 billion 500 million yuan investment in the Hangxinjing Expressway in Quzhou, took 4 years of construction, a total length of 105 km, it will make the opening in Hangzhou, Xin’An River (Jiande), named after Jingdezhen highway worthy of the name. Hangxinjing Expressway in Quzhou after the opening, the equivalent of between civilized and Hangzhou two city pull a line, starting from the civilized, not detours through the urban area of Quzhou, along the Hangxinjing speed may be the way to Hangzhou. It is estimated that in the future from the civilized self driving from Hangzhou to 3 hours shortened to 2 hours. Quzhou is one of the most congested high-speed province at present, Quzhou segment are not widening is disastrous". Hangxinjing Expressway in Quzhou after the opening of Quzhou will play a significant role in shunt, Quzhou, Quzhou section of the blocking situation is expected to ease.相关的主题文章: