Hebei to strengthen the ” ten a ” building achieve ” the United States and the meyou


Hebei: to strengthen the " ten a "   " construction; three beautiful " – Hebei channel — people.com.cn original title: strengthening the "ten in one" construction to achieve the "three beauty" in our province will rely on the beautiful countryside construction to enhance the level of rural spiritual civilization construction in accordance with the "construction of the beautiful countryside to where, where" civilized villages and towns to create ideas, to strengthen the "ten in one" construction, implementation of the rural folk style, living environment and cultural life "three beautiful". This is a reporter in September 28th in the province’s rural spiritual civilization construction work experience exchange meeting on access to information held in Anxin county. Meeting the requirements to build civilized villages and towns from this year to focus on strengthening the "ten in one" construction, namely the establishment and perfection of a village center (village comprehensive cultural service center), a cultural square, a demonstration of rural civilization Street, a group of good merit list, a village, a red and white board, a moral lecture, a volunteer team, a team, the annual award in recognition of Xian or retest a "Ten Star civilized households" or "five-virtue family". Through the "ten in one" construction, and actively promote the establishment of administrative villages generally improve the integration center, formed a set of cultural life, broadcasting room, farm house as one of the village comprehensive cultural service center. By carrying out the "three a demolition and promote greening, cleaning, landscaping, lighting, rendering the core values of culture wall, each village to build a rural civilization demonstration street. The establishment of a number of good merit list in the village public places, establish merit record, publicize and promote the good deeds, good side. By way of democratic discussion, the development of the common code of conduct and the Convention of the villagers to abide by, so I make, I promise, I abide by". The establishment of moral lecture in the village center, to carry out moral evaluation. Set up a volunteer team to carry out voluntary service activities. The establishment of Xian backbone team, with their wise words and noble deeds of rural civilization education connotation. In the scenic spots or rural tourism and farm towns, but also to carry out civilized tourism and civilized table and other activities. (reporter Ge Xiquan) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: